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Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips - Dressing in Style


Here are some Wedding Tips. Do you have a Wedding to plan or attend on your calendar this spring and summer?  If the answer is yes, then check out these great tips!  While Spring is in the air so are weddings!  ‘Tis the season.  Check out this article with 10 Tips for Planning an Inexpensive Wedding too!

Wedding Tips:

Color and Cuts: When it comes to being a guest at a wedding, think about the colors of celebration. Bright jeweled colors of turquoise, royal blue, purples, or even pinks are gorgeous, and create an inviting ambiance towards the family and friends around you. Because weddings can run long, and you’re never sure how long you’ll be standing or sitting, make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable. Fashion forbid you wear anything that’s going to have you fidgeting or adjusting and not focusing on the festivities!  You don’t want to wear something that is too tight or short and uncomfortable.  You want to look good but be comfy at the same time.

Day vs. Night: Day weddings give you that perfect excuse to wear a fabulous frock. Think breezy, hemlines that end above, at, or below the knee – they can all be appropriate. The only day don’t? Thick lycra or opaque tights.  Night weddings are definitely a reason to vamp up your look. Dresses can be flirty and fun, but makeup should definitely be enhanced for the lights. Be brave with a bolder lip, play up those eyes with false lashes, dare to go there! A wedding is just another word for a party.  Be sure to consider dressing in layers in case it gets hot.

Cooler/Warmer Weather: For cooler weather, think layers. If you’re wearing a dress, it’s essential to have accessory pieces to keep you warm like a cashmere wrap, shawl, pashmina, or cardigan. Blazers look great over dresses with the sleeves rolled up, and leather jackets can totally play up a cute frock. For warmer weather, think open toed or strappy sandals to keep your look cool, and definitely wear your hair up. The worst is feeling your hair stick to beads of sweat running down your back.  It is always better to layer clothes, so you are not too hot or too chilly.  If you are going to an outdoor wedding remember your sunglasses and consider a fan!


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