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7 Water Bill Savings Tips

Let’s face it, bills come each month for those basic necessities.  We may not like it, but the electric, water, television, and phone bills must be paid.  These 7 Water Bill Savings Tips are exactly what you need to help keep your water bill lower year-round, but especially around the summer months.

7 Water Bill Savings Tips

7 Water Bill Savings Tips

Check out levelized billing options:  This is one of the easiest ways to save on almost any utility that fluctuates month to month.  Most companies will allow you to enter into a levelized billing option if you have been consistent for a year or longer.  It can lower your bill a bit month to month and make it even year-round rather than up and down according to seasons.

Use rain barrels for watering your lawn and garden:  If you have a vegetable garden, flower garden, or use sprinklers to water your lawn a few water barrels can save you a ton of money during those warm weather seasons.  With tons of decorative rain barrel options available, you can easily add them to your garden or landscape and have them become just an added decor item that is also functional.

Add a timer to the shower:  shorter showers and fewer baths can make a huge difference.  Adding a timer outside your shower to keep you aware of how long you are spending in the shower can help not only you but everyone in the family.  This is a really good option for those with teenagers who have no sense of time when in the shower.

Add water saver faucets to your sinks:  There are some amazing water saver options for sinks, bathtubs, and shower heads.  They still allow water pressure but help you to save water by not having as strong pressure.  A simple addition to your faucets takes seconds to screw into place and can really lower the amount of water you use for common things like washing your hands.

Only wash full loads of laundry:  You don’t want to overload your washing machine, but a small load can also be a complete waste of water.  Wash your laundry when you truly have a load to wash.  Invest in enough clothing, towels, and linens to make this something you only need to do a few times a week at most.

Don’t hand wash dishes if you have a dishwasher:  Hand washing dishes is a pretty large waste of water when you are also going to run them through the dishwasher. Most of the common dishwashers do not require or need you to pre-rinse before loading dishes.  Just put them into the dishwasher and use a quality dishwasher soap.  Also, make sure to run only when the dishwasher is truly full.

Don’t always flush the toilet:  This one sounds gross.  It isn’t something that my family does, but it is very popular amongst our readers and others who are looking for ways to save money.  The old saying is “If it’s yellow let it mellow.  If it’s brown flush it down”, and that is something I prefer not to do, no matter the savings involved.  However, you may find this works for your family.

As you can see, there are several easy ways to manage saving money on your water bill.  Whether you time your next shower or you install adjustments in your faucet, you can make some changes easily to save a few dollars a month on one of those life necessities.


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