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7 Tips For Ultimate Weight Watchers Success

This week in our 52 weeks of wellness, I want to continue sharing about Weight Watchers.  These 7 Tips for Ultimate Weight Watchers Success are going to keep you on track in your journey.  Not only will you have higher rates of success, but you’ll also find it becoming a lifestyle rather than just a diet plan.  Ultimately, you must change your view of food.  Food can be enjoyable and a treat, but it ultimately there to nourish your body.

7 Tips For Ultimate Weight Watchers Success

7 Tips for Ultimate Weight Watchers Success

Learn how to figure points for yourself.  Too many people will buy the Weight Watchers literature that has a point conversion list, or simply buy ready-made foods that have points already figured.  You need to be able to take your own favorite recipes and make them Weight Watches friendly by figuring points.  It can also help you see quickly what ingredients are wasting points in your diet each day.

Learn portion control.  Portions are extremely important to understand in any meal program.  That means you should be able to recognize and ounce, a cup, etc. when eating out or even preparing food in your home.  This helps you know how many points to allow for your meal.  Check out this diagram of portions to help get you started and invest in quality kitchen scale to help you measure other items.

Increase free foods to fill you up so you don’t overindulge. If you are really struggling with snacking being an issue, then make a point to stock up your home with things that are considered free like raw fruits and vegetables.  Apples, bananas, grapes, carrots celery, tomato and cucumber are always great choices.

Skip the diet soft drinks.  While they are calorie free, the artificial sweeteners have not only been known to cause medical issues, but they also tend to lead you to more cravings.  Skip the diet sodas and drink decaf tea sweetened with fresh fruit or one of our many detox and flavored waters.

Don’t skip exercise.  When you drastically change your eating habits, you will see pounds flying off your body.  This often means that people think there is no need to exercise.  Start from the beginning including exercise in your daily routine.  Even if it is just 5–10-minute marching in place in your living room, everything makes a difference.  Exercise will help boost your metabolism and burn those calories.

Learn to split meals when eating out.  Even if it is a lower calorie meal, ask to split with who you are eating with, or at minimum ask for a to go box up front and divide it.  Restaurant portions have gotten out of control and are almost always far more than you could ever really need to eat at once.

Learn how to cook healthier.  Take all of your favorite recipes and experiment with alternative flavors and fat sources to cut back on calories.  Use lean meats, more vegetables, broth bases instead of cream and lower the amount or skip the cheese completely.

We want you to find success with your health.  To do so, you must not only follow the plan of Weight Watchers, but learn how to adapt your entire way of thinking.  These tips this week will help you find ultimate success in your journey to physical, mental and financial health this year.

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