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5 Budget Family Vacation Must Haves

We are always looking for ways to save while having fun, and these 5 Budget Family Vacation Must Haves are perfect for saving.  Our budgets include not just hotel stays and amusement parks, but also things like gas in our vehicles and eating out on the road.  We’ve already shared our best places to find travel deals, and this list is going to help with those other details!

5 Budget Family Vacation Must Haves

5 Budget Family Vacation Must Haves

Refillable and collapsible water bottles

On the road, one of the most expensive things in convenience stores or amusement parks is water.  It’s insane how pricey this can be, but when you pack a collapsible water bottle, you can refill at any sink or water fountain.  This makes it so much easier to have water on hand while not spending as much money.  We pack gallons of water in the car and just refill along the way.  In amusement parks, these easily fold into a plastic baggie and can be pulled out and refilled at any water fountain.

Laundry facilities at your hotel or resort

This really helps save money if you are flying.  You can pack far fewer clothing items and save that checked baggage fee.  Just plan to pick up laundry detergent or pack a few pods in your luggage.  Then you can wash your clothes at the hotel and not worry about having to pack as much.  This saves tons of frustration when on a longer trip with kids, especially.

Gas buddy app for finding cheap gas

Gas Buddy and similar apps are perfect for comparing the costs of gas at gas stations in your local area.  This makes it so much easier to get the best deal when you are on the road.  As gas prices fluctuate depending on where you are traveling, this can make a huge difference in your expenses.

Restaurant gift cards

We use Restaurant.com for discounted gift cards, and we also recommend checking out Groupon for deals in your area.  If you participate in things like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars, you can also save up rewards points to cash in for gift cards at some restaurants.  This saves money on eating out with the family and also helps you stay in budget.  I find that we stay on budget better when I use gift cards versus my credit card or cash.

Road side assistance program

This is one of those insurances that is worth the expense for the savings if something happens to come up while on the road.  A simple flat tire can cost hundreds of dollars if you need to be towed or have help bring out a spare.  AAA is a great option for keeping you safe on the road for a minimal amount each year.  You can, in fact, get their higher end options for around $125 per year and have up to 8 roadside assistance instances per the calendar year.

These are just a few of our must haves for family vacations.  What’s on your list this year?

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