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23 Weight Watchers Freestyle Fish and Seafood Recipes

Here are 23 of my favorite seafood and fish weight watchers recipes.  Seafood and Fish are staples for me in my Weight Watchers meals. It is pretty easy to get bored with my protein choices. Thankfully, fish and seafood provide ample variety into my weekly meal plans. There are so many options when it comes to cooking seafood and fish. They don’t take much time to prepare and most recipes are pretty low in points as well.

23 WW Freestyle Fish and Seafood Recipes

These 23 Weight Watchers Freestyle Fish and Seafood Recipes are a great way to change up your eating! Remember that on the WW FreeStyle Plan, all fish and seafood are zero points. That means that you can build plenty of meals around this lean protein. I like to include salmon in my meal plan on a regular basis as it is one of the best options for those omega-3 fatty acids we need for brain health.

23 WW FreeStyle Fish & Seafood Recipes

  1. Oven Fried Fish on Stockpiling Moms {3 SmartPoints per serving when using butter – lower if using margarine}
  2. Paleo Veggie Filled Fish Rolls on Stockpiling Moms {Zero Points if you leave off the olive oil}
  3. Cajun Fish Tacos on Stockpiling Moms {Fish is 2 SmartPoints and tortillas will be additional depending on brand}
  4. Easy Lemon Pepper Tilapia on You Brew My Tea
  5. Spicy Veggie Tuna Salad on Slap Dash Mom
  6. Battered Fish and Chips on Meal Planning Mommies
  7. Mahi Mahi Blackened Fish Tacos on Four Sisters Dish
  8. Halibut and Shellfish Soup on Skinnytaste
  9. Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe on You Brew My Tea
  10. Delicious Tilapia on Meal Planning Mommies
  11. Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta on Four Sisters Dish
  12. Fish Florentine on Skinnytaste
  13. Broiled Salmon with Dill and Caper on You Brew My Tea
  14. Easy Tuna Steak Recipe on Slap Dash Mom
  15. Smoky Blackened Tilapia on Four Sisters Dish
  16. Potato Crusted Cod on Meal Planning Mommies
  17. Smoked Tuna Dip on Four Sisters Dish
  18. Swordfish Burgers on Skinnytaste
  19. Crispy Fish Tacos on The Skinnyish Dish
  20. Healthy Tuna Salad Wraps on You Brew My Tea
  21. Baked Homemade Fish Sticks on Meal Planning Mommies
  22. Honey Garlic Shrimp on Four Sisters Dish
  23. Easy Grilled Fish Fillet Foil Packet on Skinnytaste

23 Weight Watchers Freestyle Fish and Seafood Recipes don’t even begin to scrape the surface on what weight watchers friendly seafood and fish recipes are out there. I hope that you found something in this list that you would like to try or, maybe even a new take on an old favorite. Are there any seafood or fish recipes that you love? Please share them below, I would love to give those a try too.


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