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20 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

20 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids that will keep them busy and having a great time!

Here are 20 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids that are must do this summer time!  They are so much fun and the kids will have a blast doing them.  Great ideas to keep them busy while making special memories over the summer break. Be sure to try some of them or all of them!

20 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

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Recreations Outlet

Pack lunches for everyone and head to your favorite park to eat on the grass and talk

Create a scavenger hunt around the home (inside and out) and first one back wins! 

Check your local movie theater for free movies throughout the summer, ours are usually on Wednesdays at 10am. 

Make desserts together like Homemade Fruit Popsicle or Brownies

Go fishing at a nearby pond or lake

Fill up buckets with water and give the kids water guns and let them have fun in the yard. 

Go to the local zoo – Cincinnati Zoo

Have a movie and pj day on a rainy day! (My kids love this!)

Play board games, let each child pick out a game and take turns playing each one. 

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20 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

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