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Ways to Keep Kids Active When School Sports are Cancelled

Here are some Ways to Keep Kids Active When School Sports are Cancelled. School sports have always been an excellent outlet for kids to burn off all their extra energy, along with keeping them out of trouble. It not only provides them with fresh air and helps relieve stress, but it also encourages teamwork, camaraderie, and getting along with others.

Ways to Keep Kids Active:

Now that the pandemic has canceled several school sports across the country this fall, many parents are left scratching their heads on ways for their children to stay healthy. It’s also extremely frustrating for kids when sports are something that they look forward to each year.

Here are other ways that you can keep your kids active even if your school’s sports programs have all been canceled in the meantime.

Get Some Fresh Air

Public health specialists have told us that it’s safe to go outside and get some fresh air even during the pandemic. Have your kids ride their bike, run through the sprinklers, play tennis, or go for a hike in the woods.

It also wouldn’t hurt for mom and dad to get outside and play catch, or another physical activity with your kids. Just remember that the virus is thought to remain on surfaces for several hours, so playing on playgrounds isn’t the best way to avoid the virus.

Find a Replacement

This may not be easy news for some students to digest, especially if school sports is like a right limb for them, but finding a replacement to distract your kids in the meantime may be necessary.

  • Now that school sports are put on hold, they’ll have more time to spend with their friends that live in your neighborhood, and that right there will help them stay active, versus sitting at home and looking at a screen.
  • Encourage them to play in smaller groups to lower any risk.
  • Now is as good a time as any for your kids to find a new hobby or activity that they enjoy doing.
  • They may find peace and relaxation in picking up some clubs and going golfing, maybe throwing a frisbee or diving for a volleyball at the beach with a few other friends.
  • Maybe going out for a run or lifting weights may be something that they love to do.

The whole point is to keep them distracted and keep their emotions in check.

Check out Sports Apps

There are several new sports apps that have been developed recently that will keep your kids safe and healthy while continuing to condition them and prepare them for when sports do return. ActiveFitness is one of them.

Once you have the app activated, you can have it set up in such a way that if your child wants to have an additional screen or gaming time, they’re going to have to earn it by staying active. Here are a number of other popular fitness apps to get you started.

This year has certainly been hard on all of us, and one of the leading results is more screen time than ever before. Hopefully, some of these ideas helped you find ways for your kids to remain physical. What are some other ways that you’ve come up with to keep your kids active, even when their school sports have been canceled?

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