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Vegan Meal Plan with Veestro

Every now and then we like to take advantage of having some food easy and ready to eat at any time.  Having a Vegan Meal Plan with Veestro is a great way to have something plant-based on hand that doesn’t have a lot of prep work.

Vegan Meal Plan with Veestro

Vegan Meal Plan with Veestro

We partnered with Veestro to test out some great no-cook options for plant-based meals around the holidays.  They were generous enough to send us a few meals and breakfast options that we really enjoyed. Below are some of the benefits of using Veestro if you are on a plant-based diet.

Convenient packaging

Veestro comes in easy to use packaging.  Each meal is in a portioned container, wrapped in a plastic cover, and then a sleeve that has nutritional and cooking information. This makes it super easy to pack for lunches or grab from the freezer to have a meal at the last minute that fits your dietary needs.

Various products and prices for your needs

One of the best things about Veestro is, they have multiple options for buying only the items you want or complete meals.  You should also check out the great juice cleanse they have available.  Since these are not always meant to replace all of your meals (although they easily could), you can buy just what you need to supplement meals.  They even include plans that are tailored to weight loss or juice cleanses.

Vegan Meal Plan with Veestro

Amazing chef quality food

These are not your typical frozen meals.  They are definitely superior quality.  In fact, some of the meals we tried like the Thai “Chicken” Stew were restaurant quality.  If you are looking for restaurant meals at home this is a great option! Fortunately, you can find what fits your needs and is affordable.

If you are looking for vegan meal plan ideas, don’t look any further than testing out Veestro. What other program allows you to pick and choose what you need to fit your unique taste preferences.  The variety is amazing, and quality can’t be beat, especially for the price.

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