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Tips For Managing A Keto Diet

Here are our tips for managing a Keto Diet. Have you heard of the Keto Diet?  Perhaps you’ve been told that you have ketosis? This is a common issue and dietary recommendation for those with diabetes but is also a highly popular diet for many who are looking to work on their metabolism and drop fat easily.

Tips For Managing A Keto Diet

Tips For Managing A Keto Diet

If you still aren’t sure what Ketosis is and why a Keto diet is a good idea, let me tell you a bit more about it and then we can get on to how to manage it easily.  Ketosis is when you have elevated levels of ketone bodies in your system.  This is usually a result of diabetes or abnormal fat metabolism.  It is common mostly for those who are struggling with their blood sugar, but is also frequently found in women who are post-menopausal as the shift in hormones can also affect your metabolism. Before beginning this diet, as with any change in exercise or eating habits, consult with your physician.  There can be some complications with other health issues, so it is vital to make sure this is safe for your body before proceeding.

Create a functional food journal.  The main goal of a Keto or Ketogenic Diet is to track the amount of carbohydrates you are eating each day.  Since you are limiting your carbohydrate intake to under 60gms per day (on average), it will add up much faster than you realize. While it is often called the low-carb diet, there are a number of foods you can still enjoy, just in lower quantities. Tracking those items will help you see how many carbohydrates you are eating on average, and help you to limit the things you crave the most or that have higher carb counts.

Focus on healthy fats and proteins.  While the common understanding of the Ketogenic Diet is that you will have around 74% of your calories coming from fats, that doesn’t mean you are going to go out and eat a ton of bad for you high-fat meals. Instead, you want to focus on the healthier fats that provide nutrition, not just flavor.  Bacon is great, but it is nutritionally void. Instead, eat things like nuts, eggs, avocado, coconut oil, and similar natural fats that offer other nutritional benefits.  When building your diet plan, focus on things that provide nutrition while also giving you the healthy fats and proteins your body craves.

There are tons of great resources out there to help you manage the Ketogenic Diet.  One online resource that is a favorite is this website with tons of information, or you can simply buy the book The Ketogenic Diet and keep it on hand for tips along the way.

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