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Tips for Keeping Prom Frugal

We recently enjoyed a fun weekend of helping my niece get ready for prom. That resulted in these great Tips for Keeping Prom Frugal that I know other mama’s out there will appreciate! This event is a right of passage in many teens life, but it can also be a break the bank spending event if you don’t plan ahead.

Tips for Keeping Prom Frugal

Tips for Keeping Prom Frugal

Shop thrift stores for dresses

Going to the local thrift shop may not seem like a good idea for a prom dress, but it is, in fact, one of the best places to shop. You may be able to find a fantastic dress for under $25! Don’t look just at traditional prom style dresses either. There are many nice dresses that with a few embellishments can be made sophisticated and beautiful enough to dazzle for prom.

Shop bridal shops for dresses

There is always a clearance rack at the local bridal shop full of various bridesmaid dresses that are ideal for prom. Look for special discount codes or coupons to get something at half price or more. This is also a place where things may be cheaper if in an odd size. You can easily find something that needs just a bit of tailoring for a fraction of the price. A few hours at the sewing machine and you have a gorgeous dress.

Choose Rent the Runway

The website Rent the Runway has been popular for years, and it is a great place to find a dress that really fits your need without breaking the bank. You wear it for the event, then ship back afterward and only pay the rental fee. Definitely a good idea if you can’t find something locally that you love. Just remember to order in time to send back and exchange if sizing is off.

Host your own prom dinner

Instead of having your teen and their date spend a ton of money going out to eat, serve a special meal at home. Pick a fancy recipe and create it to be served on your best dinnerware. This is a great way to save money and customize a meal that suits their personalities!

Make your own corsage

We made this beautiful homemade corsage out of pages from the Harry Potter books. It’s such a cool idea that suits her personality and showcases her love of the books. She coordinated her nail art with the book theme as well to pull off a great look that is loved by all.

Make your prom look uniquely yours

Adding in favorite themes to her look was a must. From the Disney Gold Ears to the Harry Potter nails and corsage, she took a simple black dress and made it shine. You can do this with your dress, shoes, makeup, and accessories. While prom is traditionally a dressy event, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Tips for Keeping Prom Frugal

We hope these frugal prom ideas help make your upcoming prom even more fun to plan!

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