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Tips For Hiring Local Movers

Hiring local movers can be a gamble.  As we get closer to our actual moving date, I hesitate to begin this process. Do we just load up a moving truck and do the work ourselves? Do we hire local helpers to move?  Do we hire local movers from a company to help?  It’s a tough decision on what to do that will help us the most.  So, I asked some of my friends that have moved before for tips on hiring local movers.

Tips For Hiring Local Movers

Tips For Hiring Local Movers

Ask for proof of insurance.  If they are going to be handling your valuables, you want to make sure they are insured.  Yes, you will have homeowners’ insurance to cover a lot of things, but just in case you want to make sure that the local movers you happen to hire also are covered for any incidental accidents that occur.  Don’t just ask if they have it, ask for proof before they even begin to touch your belongings.  Trust me, I have heard horror stories about being told there was insurance only to find out later that it didn’t exist.

Ask for local known references.  Find someone local that you know that can offer you a reference.  It’s important that you can actually know the reference instead of just reading things online or taking the word of someone that is unknown to you.  It can be frustrating to read a review to only find out months down the road that the review you read was actually belonging to a friend or cousin that the local movers never even helped do anything for.  Ask for references from people you know before you invest your money in hiring local movers.

Ask to see them at work before they do your job.  Ask the local movers if you can actually stop by a job site to see them in action.  This will help you see them as they work to prove their professionalism and to understand if they are actually doing the job in a safe manner.  It goes a long way toward proving if they will be worth the money you are investing in them.

Figure in the cost of mileage as well as time.  Don’t forget that many local movers will also charge you not only their hourly rate while at your home, but also mileage from their office to and from our home and destination.  Make sure you are accounting for all of the time on the job that you will be charged for before you accept their bid.

I hope these tips for hiring local movers will help make this decision easier for you to manage as you get prepared for your upcoming move!

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Tips For Hiring Local Movers

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  1. I agree that when looking for a local company, like a moving company, it is important to ask for references from friends and family. The advantage of getting references from people that you know is that they can tell you exactly what the company is like and how the work. I agree that it would be important to take note of how far you are moving so that you can get an accurate estimate on cost. It would also be important to have an idea of the amount of things that need to be moved so that you know how many trucks you will need.

  2. Asking a local moving company if you can stop be a job site to see them in action seems like a great way to know what they’re like. Being able to find a service that will work hard and do a good job with keeping your items safe is important. I would imagine that you would want to make sure that the moving companies have the equipment to safely move your items.

  3. It is good to know that asking for proof of insurance is an appropriate thing to do when hiring a moving company. This would offer peace of mind knowing that the person who is handling your valuables is insured. Another thing to consider would be to speak with past clients about their experience with the professional to get a better idea of what kind of service you will be receiving.

  4. I agree that you would want to be sure a mover has insurance before you hire them. It would seem that you would want to find someone who is insured because this shows experience. I’m looking for movers to help with an upcoming move so I’ll have not find someone who is properly insured.

  5. We need to move my mom later this month and since she has quite a lot of stuff that needs to be moved, I figured it would probably be wise to hire a service. In the article it states that you should get references for local people who have used their services. With a great list of references, you know that they have satisfied many customers and want to do the best work they can.

  6. Before hiring a moving company, it’s imperative to ask them a lot of questions. And if you feel that they are avoiding the questions, then move on. That mover may be a fraud one; as often the reliable companies will listen to you patiently and will give you answers no matter how much question you have. Apart from checking the valid license and insurance of the moving companies, you must get a written proof of the commitment they have made before the move. This will help you take action against them in case anything goes severely wrong due to their negligence.

  7. These are some great tips for hiring a moving company. I like how you said to ask to see if you can watch them in action. It’d be gratifying to see the company move someone else, and see them do it really well. When we move, I’ll remember this.

  8. These are very useful tips. I’m taking notes on this in case I’ll be needing this in the future. We all want a stress free moving and avoid any problem in the way.

  9. Great tips! Making sure that the movers you are about to hire are insured should be always the #1 – if they are not, that should be a red flag.

    I would also add to these tips one more thing, simply ask around (your friends, family) if they have used a mover service and which company did they go with, if they did ask them what was the overall experience and did it go smooth like it should? This can save you a lot of time and you can use already tested companies.

    Of course you can just find someone online too, there are many companies out there waiting to do business with you so give them a try.

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