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Tips for Going Gluten Free

Tips for Going Gluten Free.  Create a Gluten Free Binder. One tip that I can give anyone who is going gluten free is to attend a Gluten Free Expo or Awareness Event. If you can’t find one that is local, then I would suggest purchasing a Gluten Free Survival Kit or Sample Bag. There are some great options out there.  Just google and you will be amazed.

The reason why I would suggest this is because many of the Gluten Free brands simply don’t taste good. By sampling the product, you are not investing a large amount of your money on a product that doesn’t taste good. There are many times at events that I attend that I won’t even swallow the bite because it is not good.

This brings me to the creation of my Gluten Free Binder! After each of the events I attended I had a mountain of brand handouts and brochures. I organized them into a three-ring binder, slipping them into clear plastic sheets. Now I am able to make notes on each brand – rating them as I go. This is really helpful for knowing which brands I want to invest in the future plus often times the brochures have information on how I can order the product and nutrition facts too!

I have mine categorized by:  Business Cards, Brands, Grocery, Restaurants and Resources.  I hope this helps!

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Here is a list of Gluten Free Recipes that are full of taste and made with simple ingredients! If you are new to eating Gluten Free be sure to try our delicious recipes below. You will not be disappointed! You don’t have to settle for tasteless food that resembles cardboard. If you have Celiac Disease or you are avoiding gluten, be sure to check it out. There is a wide variety from appetizers to main to dessert and more!

Gluten Free Recipes:

Gluten Free Rice Krispie Treats

Two Ingredient Mango Sorbet

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Roasted Broccoli

Southwestern Penne 

Gluten Free Date Snowball Cookies

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  1. Boy, you aren’t’ kidding that many gluten free food’s don’t taste good. But I wanted to make your followers aware that you can return the box for a refund at Sprouts and Vons. I purchased 2 pizza’s and it was awful. Took one unopened box back to the store and I got my refund. I didn’t try to ask for a refund for the box I opened.

  2. Some products are GREAT and some are TERRIBLE, just like non GF foods. I don’t love every brand of cracker or chips or cookies. There are just fewer to choose from with GF optoins. And yes, some of them taste like cardboard. Just takes some trial and error. Love the binder idea – easy to remember what we liked, but sometimes hard to remember if we’ve tried something that hasn’t been in our house in a long time. Making notes about the products would be very helpful. THX.

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