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Tips for Getting Past a Keto Plateau

When you begin any diet, the first several pounds usually fall off immediately, but then begins to taper off. This is due mostly to water weight that has been hanging around. Once the plateau hits, it’s like ramming into a wall. You get frustrated because you aren’t seeing the results that you were at first seeing.  These Tips for Getting Past a Keto Plateau will help!

Tips for Getting Past a Keto Plateau

You have to remain patient with this diet because good results are just around the corner. Here are a few things to keep an eye on to keep you in check while trying to lose weight.

Measure inches, not pounds

It’s easy to base your weight loss success merely on pounds lost. Don’t forget to pay attention to the inches that are coming off at your waist also.

Keep eating Keto foods

Make sure you keep to the Keto food guide list so you can continue to see success with your weight loss.

Intermittent fasting

If you aren’t seeing the results you were looking for, maybe you need to try an intermittent fast. This gives you an 8-hour window of when you can consume food, giving you 16 hours of fasting a day. While you can have good results with fasting, if you’re eating too much in that 8-hour window, you’re defeating the purpose.

Carbs and calories

If you’re already watching your carbs and calories, you might be surprised that there might still be hidden calories in your condiments and toppings for your meals. If you can avoid these without putting a damper on your tasty dinner, do so. Getting a journal to track your carbs and calories might help you see that you’re still getting too many servings each day.

Too much protein?

While eating protein is a great source of energy and helping with weight loss, eating too much of it can be a bad thing as well.


Drinking alcohol usually gets you to pick up other snacks alongside it. If you can’t completely cut alcohol out of your diet, try to stick with a light beer that is low in carbs. Not drinking alcohol might be the key to those extra hidden carbs that need to be taken out of your diet.

Get good sleep

If you’re not getting a good night’s rest, your body will crave food for protein to take care of the lack of energy from little sleep. This will usually have you eating more than you should on top of mealtimes.

Stressed out?

While this sounds strange, if you’re under a lot of anxiety, this can keep you from losing weight. Try to keep yourself from getting stressed out each day by finding ways of relaxing.

Here are a few things to double-check when you hit the Keto plateau to help you get back on track with your weight loss. What other ways can you help along with your diet when you’ve hit that wall?

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