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Tips for Drinking More Water

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Here are some Tips for Drinking More Water. We are excited to sharing with you the winner of our Ripple Effect Kit was Amy L! Congratulations! We had so many amazing tips that our readers provided for our giveaway that we thought we would share them with you! There were a couple of tips that were repeated over and over, and they were.

Tips for Drinking More Water:

1. Carry water with you everywhere you go.

2. Add fresh fruit to your water to flavor it naturally

3. Refrigerate water as it is more refreshing when you drink it.

Other tips and suggestions included:

1. We have a water filter in our fridge, and keep bottles filled in our fridge at all times so we can just grab and go. I also take two in my lunch bag every day for work. And we are both trying to eat better and lose some weight. My husband has stopped drinking coffee (even packed away the machine, to resist temptation) and subbing with bottles of water we keep on hand!

2. I have gotten my hubby to drink more water by having it handy in the fridge also!!! I love ice cold water!!!

3. We buy less pop and sugary drinks to make sure we drink more water.

4. I love adding flavor to my water. Try apple/cinnamon or lemon/mint. It is easier to drink when it is cold. I take it everywhere with me. We try not to buy pop and other drinks. Make those special treats.

5. My tip for drinking more water is to make sure I always have it with me home, outside or in the car.

We hope these tips help you if you are trying to incorporate more water into your diet to stay hydrated Be sure to check out these homemade flavored waters that you can make yourself!

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