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The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens

The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens

Every year we have such a hard time doing Easter Baskets and Christmas Stockings for our teens! They do not need candy and little trinkets that get lost. There have been many times when I have heard, I don’t like this candy anymore! I am tired of giving gift cards that have no lasting memories at all. They would not be able to tell me the gift cards they have received over the years but they can tell me what puzzle they did at Christmas! My Dad started this tradition for that reason! We all had a lot of fun working them together! Yeah, we helped a little! The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens was created because of those reasons!

The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens

The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens

Teenagers love money, we all know that! I wanted to change up Easter just like we did Christmas! You start by simply buying a puzzle that is within your teens range! I really thought my oldest was going to cry when when my Dad pulled out the puzzle at Christmas! They haven’t worked puzzles in so long.  His first reaction was “What is that for?”

This year I am putting notes in their Easter baskets along with just a couple little things I KNOW they like! If they finish the puzzle they will get a $25 reward! I really enjoy doing things with my kids that have us thinking and talking!

Check out the Bunny Note!

The Easter Money Puzzle for Teens

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