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Thankful Thumbprint Tree Craft

I love this Thankful Thumbprint Tree Craft.  It is very simple to make and it looks great in a picture frame hanging on the wall.

Thankful Thumbprint Craft

My husband and I also joined in on the fun of including our thumbprints as well. This is a great memento and decoration for Thanksgiving.

Thankful Thumbprint Craft:


  • Paper
  • Tempera Paint
  • Washcloth
  • Paint Brush


All you need to do is draw the outline of the tree with branches. Then just add fingerprints and thumbprints to it. I used paint colors in red, green, yellow and orange. Then at the top of the paper I wrote “thankful” and the year. As we did this project we shared what each of us was thankful for.

Perfect for when you are COOKING the Thanksgiving Feast and need something for the kids to do to keep them busy and out of harms way.  Not only that but you will be fostering learning at the same time.  One idea is to set up a craft and learning station in your garage or basement so the kids can stay entertained and out of the way while you are busy cooking. Don’t have a garage or basement, no worries, find any free space or tuck them into the corner of the kitchen if necessary.  Put tons of supplies out on a table and be sure to cover the table with newspaper or a plastic table cloth.  You may need to cover the floor too.  Pick up plastic tablecloths at the dollar store and then let them express themselves. Let the kids create some amazing Thanksgiving themed crafts and work on these worksheets and coloring pages while you are working on the meal.  Be sure to use this Turkey Timeline to help you stay organized for Thanksgiving.

Here are some Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to keep the kids busy crafting while you are cooking.  I would suggest assigning some older teens to watch over and assist the kids if possible.  Also check out this cute Paper plate Pilgrim Craft for the kids.

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