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Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students

I love this Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students.  Children often have a hard time transitioning from summer to school and this is a great Welcome Bag.  Peyton’s teacher gave him this when he started 3rd grade and I wanted to share it with you.

Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students

It is great for teachers to make or for a Room Mom.  You could even make them just for your child to open on the night before school starts.

Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students

Give this a try! With just a few simple items you can make a really fun and welcoming gift for all your students. Mom’s you can make these too!

Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students

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  • Welcome to Room 215 replace with your room number
  • I am so glad that you're here!
  • I made you a little goodie bag to help kick off the year.
  • The eraser is to remind you that it is ok to mistakes.
  • We'll work and learn together
  • No matter what it takes.
  • The bookmark is to show you
  • You always have a place.
  • If you ever feel a little lost
  • We'll help you find your space.
  • The smarties are to remind you of how smart I think you are.
  • Work hard and do your best.
  • Remember to aim far!
  • The pencil represents all the work that we will do.
  • It may seem a little tough at first
  • But we'll have tons of fun too!
  • The Jolly Rancher is to keep you laughing
  • as with hard work comes lots of fun.
  • Remember to always keep smiling
  • and in the end we'll all have won.
  • The starburst is to show you that in my eyes you are a STAR.
  • Do your best try your hardest and stay just the way you are!
  • The glow stick represents the bright future that you have ahead!


  • In a colorful bag place a jolly rancher, pencil, eraser, smarties, glow stick and book mark into the bag with this note.
Author: Melissa@StockpilingMoms

Teacher Back To School Welcome Bag for Students

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