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How to create double hangers with a can tab

I am so excited to share this tip with you of how you can organize your kids closet saving both space and time in the morning! By simply using a can tab you can literally CHANGE your life! I know that may sound funny but it is true. This is the most amazing life hack with a simple can tab!

How to create double hangers with a can tab

How to create double hangers with a can tab

I spent all summer collecting tabs (we don’t drink canned soda at our house) and then last weekend I spent a couple of hours organizing my sons closet. I used the can tabs to create outfits that not only he likes but that I also approve of 🙂 I hung them on the bottom shelf where he can reach with no issue and now in the morning he is able to choose any of the outfits and get dressed OH HIS OWN! Woo Hoo! This has been a major time saver for us in the morning.

Back-to-School Tip - Organize Outfits on Sunday for the week using double hangers

Now, when I launder clothes they return to the double hangers as “appropriate school outfits” and are back to the closet for him. He chooses which outfit he wants to wear in the morning from the selection after his alarm goes off. He pulls out a pair of under ware, socks and outfit of choice. This has really kept our mornings running smoothly.

Not only does this tip save us time but it also saves us space (and a headache too). I hope you enjoy this tip! Mornings can be mayhem for moms, especially during back to school time but this morning hack is working really well for us.  We hope it helps you too!

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