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Here are Snack Ideas for Busy On-The-Go Moms and Kids. As you know I am a busy on-the-go Mom. I am always searching for snack ideas that Peyton and I can enjoy while we are out and about. One of our go-to snacks is Chobani yogurt. We love Snack Ideas for Busy On-The-Go Moms and Kids. I love this high protein snack. Last year, Chobani introduced its first ever exclusive line for Chobani Kids. This specially designed Greek yogurt is for the growing ones we love and is fortified with nutrients that are essential to development with a delicious taste. Plus, perfect for on the go snacking!

Snack Ideas for Busy On-The-Go Moms and Kids:

Chobani Kids is unlike any other Greek yogurt with better for you ingredients compared to other existing options. I love that the Chobani Kids® Tubes include only the best natural and preservative-free ingredients, and feature live and active cultures which are essential to digestive health and brain development. They not only make great additions to your kids lunch boxes they are also perfect for fueling up your kids after school.


Snack Ideas for Busy On-The-Go Moms and Kids

Three days a week we hop in the car after school and head straight to soccer practice. As you know Peyton plays academy level soccer and that keeps him busy. With practice three days a week after school, that doesn’t give us a lot of time to re-fuel.  When I pick him up from school the first thing he says to me, “I am hungry.”  So having an easy to eat in the car snack is key.  After school he needs a little snack to give him the energy for practice and tide him over before dinner. His commitment and dedication to soccer is impressive to me.  I know it is my job to be sure I bring a healthy high protein snack for him.


While we were shopping at the grocery store, he was excited to find that Chobani has added superheroes to their Chobani Kids Tubes. We love that Chobani wants to inspire parents and kids everywhere to make healthy and fun food choices. Peyton was “super” excited to see the addition of the superheroes on the packaging too! These tubes would be the perfect addition to a super hero party!

New characters include:

  • Chobani Kids Batman Banana Tubes
  • Chobani Kids Superman Strawberry Tubes
  • Chobani Kids Justice League Mixed Berry Tubes featuring Wonder Woman, Batman Superman and The Flash

Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt Tubes are made with creamy low-fat yogurt, real fruit, and have 5g of protein and 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt (*Chobani Kids™ Tubes: 6g of sugar, leading kids’ yogurt: 8g sugar per 2oz serving). These delicious yogurt tubes are perfect on-the-go, in the lunchbox, or as an anytime snack.

I love to keep a stockpile of them in my refrigerator so that Peyton can grab one whenever he needs a snack. Chobani Kids Tubes come in five flavorful varieties: Strawberry, Banana, Mixed Berry, Watermelon & Grape. They retail for $3.29 for an 8-count box and $5.59 for a 16-count box. A great stockpile items!


I am always looking for a healthy snack for myself too!  I love that I can snack on the Chobani Simply 100 while Peyton snacks on the Chobani Kids Tubes.  We can both fuel ourselves up with healthy snacks that will give us the energy we need to get through our afternoon.

Best of all I don’t bust my new year’s resolution of eating healthy because the Chobani Simply 100, only has 100 calories per container! It is a naturally sweetened Greek Yogurt that is full of flavor. Made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, Chobani Simply 100 is a great choice in your weight management journey by empowering you to reach your goals in the right way. It is also gluten free!

Chobani Simply 100 contain no artificial sweeteners, are high in protein and fiber which can help increase fullness and has 75% less sugar than regular fruit yogurt. My personal favorite is the new Strawberry Banana and I like the Key Lime too. Plus they are made with milk from cows not treated with rBST and include probiotics and live cultures.

Simply 100 come in 16 varieties: Mixed Red Berry, Strawberry Banana, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Key Lime, Mango Passion Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, Pineapple Coconut, Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry, Tropical Citrus and Vanilla. They also have three new Simply 100 “Crunch” flavors: Strawberry Chocolate Truffle, Blueberry Cookie Crumble and Mango Cone Crisp which are not gluten free so I haven’t tried them, but they look like they would be yummy!

Chobani2- Final

You won’t catch me after school without my trusty cooler and lots of Chobani and water as we head to the soccer field.  It is my mom on-the-go secret survival weapon.  Just another way that I am able to be super mom giving Peyton truly super food!

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Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Chobani and my role as a Chobani Family Club member. All of my delicious reviews are my own.

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  1. Mmm, sounds like great snack items for my kids and I. My son would really like that tube yogurt, and I like that there are so many varieties for me. Thanks for the review.

  2. My kids absolutely love yogurt. It is such a healthy snack and great for kids. What is so awesome is that you can freeze them and they stay cold for hours especially on the go!

  3. Very cool! I haven’t seen these in stores yet but I’ll be on the lookout! The packaging is perfect for kids.

  4. Gosh why didnt they have this when I was growing up?! I am so happy Chobani has made an exclusive line for children and make it a healthier snack option! Also I am loving the packing!!

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