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DIY Lawn Twister

DIY Lawn Twister is so much fun for summer parties! #summer #fun

I love DIY Lawn Twister.  It is such a fun and affordable yard game for the summer!  If you are looking for an outdoor party game this summer, then this is it!  DIY Lawn Twister is easy to make too!

DIY Lawn Twister:

All you need is a four cans of spray paint and a stencil (made out of cardboard).  My suggestion is making the circles close together like in the in the photo.  Place the spinner beside and enjoy!

To play just play like you would a traditional twister game.  This is the perfect game for a family party, reunion or graduation party! I hope you enjoy it much as we do! You can pick up your spray paint at the local dollar store and use a spinner from any board game or find one at the dollar store.

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