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DIY Candy Holder

I love to make this DIY Candy Holder and fill it with candy to give as an inexpensive Christmas gift! It can easily be used as a gumball “machine” or just as a candy jar. The sky is the limit. I think it would be fun for a kids party filled with all types of candy.

 love to make this DIY Candy Holder and fill it with candy to give as an inexpensive Christmas gift!

We love this fun and easy DIY Candy Holder.  It could be decorated for any special occasion!  This candy jar is so simple and inexpensive. You can find all of these items at the dollar store or local craft store.  In fact I think you could give these as gifts for teachers filled with their favorite snack!

DIY Candy Holder:


  • Spray Paint
  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Terra Cotta Saucer
  • Wooden Knob
  • Glass Bowl
  • Glue – e6000 (Industrial Strength works best – I bought it at Michael’s)
  • Ribbon, optional


Spray paint the pot, saucer, and knob and allow to dry.

Glue the with e6000 (industrial strength adhesive) the vase onto the pot. You could decorate with ribbon if you want!

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  1. I made these as a Spring girls group craft! Do you think these would be good Christmas gifts for three little kids if I personalized them with their names and filled them with candy? As kinda a keepsake,Christmasy,whimsical gift? They are 6,3 and 18 months.

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