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Non topical flea and tick prevention for pets

Non topical flea and tick prevention for pets

Non topical flea and tick prevention for pets.  For the majority of dog and cat owners, our animals aren’t just pets. They’re part of the family. Tango is my third son!  I treat him just like I would one of the kids!  I even have Mommy guilt when I feel he has not been played with enough or when I have been away longer than usual.

Non topical flea and tick prevention for pets:

Despite having the best intentions, sometimes protecting our pets from fleas and ticks can be inconvenient. While topical solutions work, the application can be a hassle. Plus, it’s easy to forget to apply the solutions monthly making consistent prevention difficult to achieve. This puts our dogs and cats at risk for everything from the discomfort fleas cause to potential diseases ticks can transmit.

To make flea and tick protection simple and allow more quality time with your pet without worrying, Bayer launched Seresto – eight months of effective flea and tick protection for dogs or cats.  I have been using this flea and tick method for about 1 month.

He does not even notice the collar.  It is light and very easy to put on. So far, we have not seen any fleas or any ticks on our pup.  This is a relief since the topical solutions are such a pain. Tango loves to be outside and is the majority of the day by choice.  When I get hot and come in, he still wants to hang outside.

Seresto provides the performance you expect from a topical in an easy-to-use, convenient collar that:

  • Eliminates the inconvenience of topicals, and works just as effectively
  • Only requires one application and lasts longer than just one month (eight months, in fact)
  • Comes in multiple size for cats and dogs
  • Available at select veterinary clinics and pet specialty stores

Help take out the guesswork with an email reminder. Once the reminder is set up, you can print a rebate form valid for $20 off your purchase

For more information, visit SerestoPet.com and use the Product Finder to see where you can buy Seresto in your area.

Tango playing with his next-door friend!

Non topical flea and tick prevention for pets

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Disclosure: Seresto contacted us and provided me with this product for review however all opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. what abt the chemicals in the collar? i dont like frontline/advantage/, etc. b/c of the chemicals…also if you have several dogs and they may happen to lick the collar, will the chemicals harm them….i used to use the virbac tick collar, which i liked, worked well, however, w/ 3 dogs, always worried abt topicals in case they may like one another when playing around….and ingest the chemicals….

    1. I don’t think they can chew on their collars? At least Rocky can’t. I think this is better alternative to topicals…I am researching essential oil alternatives right now and will post on that too!

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