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Protect Your Identity with Hot Spot Shield



Protect Your Identity with Hot Spot Shield. Have you heard of Hotspot Shield?  We were recently asked to try their Elite service for 1 month free of charge and share our experiences with you.  As you know we constantly remind you about the importance of protecting your personal identity.

Protect Your Identity with Hot Spot Shield:

Your personal identity is your most valuable asset.  Don’t let spammers and scammers steal it!  We teach to create a junk email account at every class we teach but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is so important to protect your personal identity when online.

Seeking Savvy Deals and signing up for special offers and coupons is a great way to save money.  However, if you do so and your identity is stolen your savings can easily be flushed away!  Using free Wi-Fi is also tempting and a great way to save money but can also be dangerous.

Did you know that 3x more people suffered from cyber-crime than offline crimes in the last 12 months?  That is crazy isn’t it!  However, if you think about all of the time that you spend online it not that hard to believe.

Also, 75% of those who have used Wi-Fi have experienced cyber-crime.  Shelley did when on vacation last year!  She got “hacked” by using an unsecure connection while abroad and ended up spending hundreds of dollars to fix her computer.  49% of public Wi-Fi networks are unsecured and unencrypted.  This is why it is so important to consider using a service like hot spot shield.

There’s at least one identity theft a day especially in public hotspots and Wi-Fi locations.  They are so tempting to use but you will never catch me using one without protection.  Hotspots are really expensive to own and generally require a contract so using a service like this may be more affordable for you.  If you use your phone hot spot you are using your data plan which is also really expensive.

Hotspot Shield Elite fully protects and manages your information and identity in a few easy steps.  By using their service, the protect your data but also provide you with a completely secure environment for all your online activities, anywhere, anytime.

It is so easy to use.  With just a click of the download button, you can install and have unmonitored access over a wide range of public and private devices and networks worldwide.  If you are like me and you are on the go all of the time this service is invaluable!  You won’t catch me using a free Wi-Fi connection with it!

About Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield secures all Internet communications and web browsing and protects each user’s privacy and identity online.

Hotspot Shield secures all browsing making each page you visit as secure as your banking site (turning all HTTP traffic into HTTP(S)). Protecting users across many devices and all browsers, Hotspot Shield is the preferred and most trusted way to browse the web for millions of consumers.

Hotspot Shield Elite Provides:

      • Provides complete VPN coverage with one click
      • Configures easily for immediate access
      • Creates a secure VPN tunnel between you and the networked world
      • Automatically secures the connection when it detects an unsecured network
      • Anonymizes your logon

Sign up for free HERE.

Upgrade to Elite using the coupon STOCKPILINGMOM on the upgrade page or HERE.  When you redeem this code, you will get a 25% discount on Hotspot Shield Elite version!  The cost is only $29.95 a year for the Elite Version so after the discount it is only $22.46. The Elite Version is advertisement free too!

You can also try the service for free for 7 days.  However, if you have any concern with using any of your devices (iPad, iPod, Cellular Device, Mac or Laptop) then paying for the Elite Service is worth it in my opinion.  By using the Hot Spot Shield, I was able to save money by using less of my data plan when I was out and still able to work and log in to personal accounts with no concern.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post however all opinions are 100% our own.

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