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National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

national kawawsi disease awareness day is January 26

National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day. Today I celebrate National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!  On January 26th my goal is to bring awareness.  I am a Kawasaki Disease Survivor!  I was diagnosed at age 11 (in 1984) before there was any treatment and very little awareness.  At that time, I was only the 6th person diagnosed in the state of Kentucky!  With that being said I am lucky to be alive.

So, what is Kawasaki Disease?  Kawasaki Disease (KD), also known as Kawasaki Syndrome, is a serious illness characterized by inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body that primarily affects young children and infants.  Please read this post on What is Kawasaki Disease to learn more!  It may save a child’s life in the future!

kawasaki disease survivor

The 4th National Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day is today – January 26, 2014! You can learn more and donate to the research at www.kdfoundation.org. 

surviving bypass surgery

As you know I just survived my 2nd open heart surgery because of the acquired heart disease from Kawasaki Disease.  I am (almost) 3 months post-op and doing amazing!   I am back to “normal” whatever that is!

Please join me in pledging or by spreading awareness by liking this post, pinning it or sharing it!

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  1. Wow! Yup, never heard of it…thanks for the post and the information. I’m happy for you that you’re doing well and will pray for continue wellness.

  2. My daughter had it at 6 months old! She will be 10 this year! Thankfully she had no long term complications. I also had never heard of it till she got it! It was the scariest 9 days in the hospital of not knowing what was wrong with her. She was diagnosed after 7 days and from what I’ve read just in time. The word does need to get out about the signs and symptoms if this awful disease! I will keep you in my prayers!

  3. Im so glad to hear you are doing well. I didn’t know anything about Kawasaki disease before this. I myself have hashimotos. Another tongue twister and it also can lead to heart disease which is sobering at 41. Im really glad to see you are doing so well. I don’t worry about anyone elses normal . We are all just trying to get through the best we can. Even the people who seem to never get sick have their own problems. Thanks so much for this post.

  4. Been following your site for a long time. LOVE IT. I had no idea that you are a KD survivor. I have a KD kid so this is near and dear to my heart too!!!

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