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My Gluten Free Story


I am sharing My Gluten Free Story with you.  It is hard to believe but I recently celebrated 1 year being Gluten Free. I say celebration because it is! I don’t grieve the loss of gluten in my life because being gluten free is actually the best thing that ever happened to me. I was suffering with such a wide variety of symptoms and after my diagnosis of Celiac Disease and finally going 100% gluten free my life immediately started to change for the better! I wanted to share My Gluten Free Story with you.

I was suffering with vertigo, depression, anxiety, acne, chronic sinus infections, allergies and a bloated belly. I was also suffering with loose stools and or constipation. Why am I sharing my Gluten Free Story with you? In hopes that I am able to help just one person.

Immediately after my diagnosis I made the decision to start helping other save money eating gluten free. It is extremely expensive to eat gluten free. I started teaching gluten free couponing classes all over the US. In addition I started doing reviews of gluten free products and while dining out. I just wanted to help others who are in the same boat I am in though our social media platform. Though not a death sentence it is a constant struggle and finding good tasting food for less became my mission.

We post gluten free recipes, product reviews, dining out reviews and gluten free resources to help you. Thanks for allowing me to share my journey and gluten free story with you. I did a short YouTube video and though it was emotional for me I can say a year later that there is not much I grieve the loss of because of how good I feel today.

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