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My Aim is to Please.

One of the most influential women in my life was my great Aunt Ida.  I spent a lot of time with her as a child and loved every single minute.  She traveled on many family vacations with us too.  On one trip she sat in the back seat feeding me and catering to my every “need”.  I would ask for something and she would reply.  My Aim is to Please.  This went on and on for HOURS.  Well as a “honest” three year old I guess she said it one time too many.  I simply replied back Aunt Ida, “You make me sick”.

My Aim is to Please. Life lessons taught to me from my great Aunt and why I am the Aunt I am today.

What do you think my Aunt Ida did?  She laughed and laughed with all her might.  Of course I have no memory of saying this and I just find it hard to believe that I said that to her but there are witnesses (My Mom and Dad) and I have heard the story told on MANY occasions in fact, my Aunt Idea LOVED to tell this story.  Did my Aunt Ida stop saying her faithful reply “My Aim is to Please.” NO WAY – in fact I couldn’t count the times as a child, teen, and adult that I heard her say this to me.  Because, she really meant it.

Aunt Ida

Aunt Ida, Me and My Sister (I am holding my sister) – on her 66th birthday

Aunt Ida - Golfing - 1982

Aunt Ida golfing in 1982

Aunt Ida - Thanksgiving 1985

Aunt Ida, Thanksgiving 1985

Now my Aunt Ida is no longer with us but she lived a long and happy life.  She was loved by us all more than she will ever know (well I am pretty sure she knew).  She lost her only son and was a widow at a young age.  As a result my Mom became like a daughter to Aunt Ida and I became like a grand daughter.  Aunt Ida was a hoot and always entertained us.  She was an avid golfer and taught me how to play golf.  I enjoyed the time we spent together on the golf course and the life lessons she passed onto me on the course.  In fact last year when I had the opportunity to attend one of the LPGA Tournaments and walk the course with the professional golfers I truly felt my Aunt Ida with me on the course.

I miss my Aunt Ida and I think about her every single day.  She was the most loving and generous Aunt and I enjoyed every single minute that I spent at her house growing up and then visiting with her as an adult.  She always kept us laughing.  She loved Peyton with all her heart and really enjoyed her visits with him too.  He also loved Aunt Ida, who he called “Nida”.

As a child some of my favorite memories include the sleepovers on the pull out sofa and even the time we slept in her recliners because I thought it would be fun (she obliged my request of course).  Her teaching me how to golf, taking me to KFC, providing me with a wonderful supply of dress up clothes, doing arts and crafts projects with us and telling us wonderful stories, making our Halloween costumes – just to name a few.  This list could go on and on.  As an adult I loved the countless hours that we spent talking about life.

Aunt Melissa

My Aim is to Please.

Because of my Aunt Ida – I am the Aunt that I am today.  I feel that one of my goals in life is to be the best Aunt that I can be.   My niece has stayed with me for two weeks every summer since she was a little girl. She just turned 13 and the two weeks that I spend with her each summer are treasured.   I am so thankful that my sister shares her with me and gives me the opportunity to have her for those two weeks every summer.  Shelley often jokes and calls it my “Disney World” days because I “may” go to extremes to make sure she is happy and having fun.  I am really just busy creating memories that will last us both a lifetime.  However at the end of the day all I can say is “My Aim is to Please“.

Thanks Aunt Ida for all you did for me and I look forward to the day that we are together again.  Now, My Aim is to Please.

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