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mPerks101: How to download use and save

mPerks101: How to download use and save. Are you a Meijer shopper?  If not, now is the time to start shopping at this great store!  We have recently become Meijer Ambassadors, and we have found that this is yet another great chain of grocery stores that offer unbeatable deals, coupons, and rewards.

How To Utilize mPerks Discounts & Rewards At Your Local Meijer

mPerks101: How to download use and save:

As savvy shoppers, we have a deep love for any store that offers not just great products and prices but rewards us for our loyalty to their store.  Meijer does just that with the amazing mPerks reward program. This program can be used to find extra savings and coupons, as well as earning rewards to use on future purchases.  Save money up front and later?  That’s my kind of deal!

How do you begin saving and making the most of your mPerks?  

  • Sign up for mPerks – Before you begin saving using mPerks, you have to sign up for your account. Use our link to get started by filling in basic account information. As you sign up, you’ll provide your 10-digit phone number to use for this program.  Instead of them assigning you a number, you set your mPerks account up with your phone number as your ID.  You will also choose a 4-digit pin number.  Make your pin number something easy to remember, but not too obvious.
  • Adding coupons and discounts.  Once you have your account set up, you’ll want to start looking for coupons to add to your account for easy use. You can navigate on the app to the coupons section and check the ones you want to use, or ones you aren’t interested with by choosing, “not interested”. If you aren’t sure if you have added or clipped the coupon, look for the blue or green mark in the corner and you’ll see a check mark there.  That indicates the coupon has been chosen and added to your mPerks account.  You can also visit the “clipped’ tab on the Coupons page of your mPerks account to verify which coupons you have chosen.
  • Use mPerks discounts at checkout.  While you don’t need to print the individual coupons for use in store, you will want to print the coupons list from your mPerks account to help you keep track while shopping in the store.  Simply look at your list of clipped coupons within the app and choose print.  Once you reach the checkout, you’ll simply input your 10-digit ID (phone number) and your chosen Pin number.  Your discounts will be applied at that time.

Additionally, with the mPerks rewards program, you will see rewards added to your account on a regular basis according to your shopping history. You earn rewards for purchases as well as using the Meijer pharmacy and entering your mPerks ID.

Sign up for mPerks today to get started saving money in the store and receiving rewards from your purchases at your local Meijer store!


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