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Benefits of Kroger Fuel Program

Check out these Benefits of the Kroger Fuel Program. Gas for $1.16 a gallon???  $40.56 for 35 gallons of gasoline!!!  I am so excited to share that our reader Gary saved $70 on gasoline by using Kroger fuel points during the holidays! How?? He bought all his Christmas gift cards at Kroger during the Quadruple points promotion and raked in the savings with the Kroger Fuel Program.

Benefits of Kroger Fuel Program

He actually has over another dollar off before the end of this month, but they limit it to a max of $2 off per gallon and to 35 gallons maximum.  He got the gas for $1.16 per gallon and spent a total of $40.56 for 35 gallons of gasoline!!!

Gas for $1.16 a gallon??? $40.56 for 35 gallons of gasoline!!!

Benefits of Kroger Fuel Program:

If you are not taking advantage of the Kroger fuel points  you are really missing out!  Check out Shelley’s post on how she used credit card and gift card incentives to pay for her gas grill.  If you are not taking advantage of the Kroger Fuel Program you are literally flushing savings down the drain.  I always cringe when I hear people at the check NOT using a Kroger Plus Card.  I literally have talked dozens of people into getting one at the checkout who haven’t been using one!

You can save even more when you shop at Kroger by using the Kroger 1-2-3 MasterCard credit card see post for details.  Also there are a few ways to save on gasoline by using Remke Pump Perks and Speedway Speedy Rewards.

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  1. My husband did the same thing at Remke this year and now we have $3.12 off at speedway. And they let you use the points for 6 months instead of one month like kroger.

  2. Bi-lo does this in my area. They only do 20 gallons, but you can get it completely free if you save up your fuel perks. Spinx gas station has also started doing something similar. For every so much you spend you get 5¢ off.

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