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January Blues Giveaway 2021

We are bringing back a FAN favorite! For many years we hosted a January Blues Giveaway and then we took a break for several years. After celebrating our 10th blogging anniversary last year, it was the perfect time to bring back one of our reader favorites. January is a rough time of the year and add wrapping up 2020 on top of that and it is the perfect time for a giveaway!

January Blues Giveaway

January Blues Giveaway

UPDATE: This giveaway is CLOSED

The winner is: Andrew Safie

Let’s keep it simple! We are going to take a priority mail flat rate box and we are going to PACK it full! Seriously, it will be like Christmas Day all over again when the winner gets this box in the mail.

We are taking all of our FAVORITE things and adding (one item) every single day of January! The best thing is it will be a HUGE variety! It will be full all all of our favorites including a gift card and then on February 1st we will randomly select a winner!

To Enter:

The best news is there are no hoops to jump through! The more comments that you make on this post give you additional entries to win! It is THAT simple!

You can enter once, or you can enter an unlimited about a times. The sky is the limit! So, comment away.

We hope you enjoy our “infamous” January Blues Giveaway!

Good Luck!

Melissa and Shelley

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      1. My husband’s co worker absolutely loved the Butterscotch Pudding cookies. He ate one and took the full container home so no one else got any. I would say they were a home run. Thanks.

  1. Happy New Year Moms
    Looking forward to a GREAT year with you and what a wonderful way to start it off….by entering my very first giveaway!!😁

  2. 🎼It’s a rainy day in Georgia🎼
    But I prefer to think of it as a good cleansing from 2020’s negativity

  3. Oh, how fun. I’d love to receive this box full of goodies! It would be January Blues no longer. Lol. Congratulations on your 10 years Blogging Anniversary! Happy New Years! 🎊🎆🥳🎉

  4. Well, isn’t this the greatest!! What a wonderful way to start the New Year! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. What a great way to greet the new year! And how generous of our hosts to plan this wonderful prize. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. OMG thank you, 2020 sucked for so much including losing my dad right before Thanksgiving. I am glad to be past it but still so sad and lonely.

  7. I hope there isn’t much snow here this year. I wish I could live in the Southwest, but I can’t leave all of my family here.

  8. Does anyone here have any “unusual” plans for this year? I feel like everyone is in a holding pattern because of 2020.

  9. So I am back on the wagon on Monday with healthier eating, so I’m kinda binging this weekend. I know, not the right way to do things, but man is this Rolo ice cream good!

  10. So my New Year’s present to me is to adopt a cat. How are you supposed to choose which one to bring home? I want them all!

  11. I think I will try to use my instapot more this year. That thing is awesome and I haven’t utilized it enough.

  12. I just found this blog and see that my chances probably aren’t good compared to some, but it sounds like fun. So, I’m in at least! Thanks for this.