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Essential Oil Blend Used for Focus and Attention

Essential Oil Blend Used for Focus and Attention

We love this Essential Oil Blend that can be used for focus and attention.  This essential oil blend was created for those who want to use an alternative to prescription medication or find that prescription medication doesn’t to relieve all attention deficit symptoms and need additional support.  It is also safe to use on children.  I attended a fabulous training with a Dr. who shared this information with us during the class. You can use topically on children under the age of 6 but with all oils it is best to use in moderation. A little goes a long way.

This essential oil blend supports efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. It is the best study-time blend. We use it for homework time at our house. I also like to use it when I have a busy day or need to multi-task.

Essential Oil Blend used for focus:

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Mood Swings
  • Hard to Please
  • Poor Concentration
  • Unfinished Work
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Increase Alertness
  • Increase Focus
  • Calming and Soothing

This essential oil is a blend of amyris, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, sandalwood, Roman chamomile essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes. This blend helps those who have difficulty paying attention to stay on task and sustain focus. Use at work or school to stay on task or when feeling tired mid-afternoon. It is a great oil to use for mental clarity.

My personal experience with this essential oil blend – I use when I feel “scattered” or overwhelmed with a long “to do” list I use it and after I apply it within 10 minutes I am able to easily focus on my to-do list an accomplish it without feeling overwhelmed.  I definitely feel calm and and am able to accomplish the tasks in much less time than normal.

I also use it daily on my son before school. I apply on dab to the sole of his foot and place socks over.  On the rare days we forget I can tell a difference with the quality of his work and ability to focus.

The Best Way To Apply:

  • On the Inferior Carotid Artery (neck)
  • Spine
  • Base of the Skull (and 2 inches to right)
  • Sole of Foot
  • Wrist
  • Aromatically

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Disclosure: We are NOT providing medical advice. Always consult your physician for medical treatment.  The advice shared in this page has not been approved by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of essential oils.

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  1. Where can I get the on tune? My son has ADD and we have been trying supplements for a few years now after I read what was in the mes my doctors were giving him and I was horrified that it would possibly give him cancer later on in life! So trying to find what works for him in the concentration area. Thank you 🙂

    1. We love InTune. Our ADHD 12 year old takes it to school and feels so empowered because he can use it all on his own before a test or when he feels like he wants to gain some control. You can purchase InTune from any wellness advocate.

  2. I’m with Bridget!! My son has been diagnosed with ADD and we tried medications/therapy and saw little to no change. That was 5+ years ago. Since then, we’ve just been “managing” as best as we could. Now he’s in high school and he’s struggling…alot! I’m going to do some Googling, but any other info you have would be helpful! I’d love to be able to purchase it locally or find a sample to try before I fork over $40! 🙁

    1. There is no sample of this oil because it is in a roller ball. My personal experience with InTune and others who I know who use it is that it is worth every penny.

  3. I love the InTune oil and use on my son Max who is Autistic. I use on the sole of his feet and I roll behind his ears near the neck in a triangle. He no longer takes medication because of this and that makes me one happy, happy, happy Mama!

  4. Intune, Serenity and Balance just arrived in the mail today. I cannot wait to try them on my son and me too. I would love more information on how often I can use them and if I can use them together. My son is 7yrs old.

    1. I would do InTune on the bottom of the feet and you can do serinity and balance the same or on the wrists.

  5. I would like to try In Tune on my son. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and RAD. His medicine is so expensive and I would like to get him off the Med. if you think the oils would work on him. He has a lot of trouble keeping his focus on his school work. I asked his physiologist about oils and she said she never heard of it before, she sounds like all she wants is my sin to be on Med. for the rest of his life but if the oils help I would take him off the Med. in a minute. Thank you for the information on In Tune.

    1. Hi Carmen, it’s sad when you see your child suffering with conditions like the ones he has. I totally believe and trust healing the natural way with essential oils, food, and one major cause of the ailments are due to the fact that 85% of the North American people are MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT. Please read about it, (magnesium miracles) and i’m sure with the essential oils and the magnesium oil you will see a tremendous difference with your son.

  6. Is it safe to use on small children? My daughter is 5 and I do NOT want to medicate her. My heart is breaking for her bc she is struggling at pre-k and a few weeks ago told me she was sorry that she was too wild.

    1. Yes it is. This oil is use topically and safe with children. A little does a long way so I would suggest that you start with only 1 drop.

  7. I just bought InTune for you 10YO son. I have been applying it on the back of his neck in the am before school. If using on the feet, should you apply in the am before school or at night?

    1. In the am before school and then I apply again after school before homework time. They don’t need it at bedtime.

        1. You can purchase online (amazon) or through a doTERRA consultant. Essential oils should not interact with medications but check with your Dr before you try.

  8. Hi, I put InTune on my sons feet this morning he is 12. He said a few kids asked him what that smell was. Is there anything we can add to make the smell more pleasant I am afraid he wont want to do it b/c of the smell being 12.

    1. I have run into that issue with my son as well when I have applied too much. Try to use only (1) roll – and I tell my son to tell people at school if he gets asks that it is his cologne. That made him excited to wear it 🙂

  9. Hello. Thank you sharing this information! I just recieved “in tune” that I plan on using on my 5 year old son. Would you recommend diluting for this age or is this roller bottle already dilluted with a carrier oil? I’m new to this! Thank you!

  10. I ordered the in tune for my 10 yr old son. I haven’t tried it yet because The label states that for 12 hours after application you should avoid sunlight and uv rays. Why and how do you keep a kid from playing outside especially with adhd/ add.

    1. You can apply once or twice a day for best results you may even increase to several times a day.

  11. Hi, I am also new to this and just received my InTune today. My son is 11, how long of a roll would you suggest we start at on the bottom of his feet?

    1. Start with an inch. A little goes a long way on InTune. I always allow it to dry then place the sock on his foot 🙂

  12. I’m new to this too and after reading about this, I decided to try for my very distractible developmentally delayed 5 year old son. I received it a few weeks ago and have tried it about 3 times so far, putting a tiny bit on his neck before pre-school. I do think it has helped and his OT commented that he seemed less distracted that day, but my issue is with how strong it is. I think too much is getting on his skin and it’s way too strong. I have a head-ache from it just from driving him from our house to his pre-school and everyone in his class can smell it. Twice I have tried to wash some of it off his neck with soapy water, but I don’t think it helped. This morning I tried to wash some off with vinegar water and it just left a smell of petuoli oil and vinegar and now I smell like it too. How do I only put a tiny bit on him and how to do I wash it off it I put too much on? Thank you so so so so much for any responses.

    1. Go for the bottom of the foot 🙂 Also just try one little dab and then blow on it to dry and then put the sock over 🙂

    2. Hi Debbie,

      An FYI, inTune can be diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil, this will reduce the scent but will not reduce the effectiveness. This roller as well as PastTense (which is great for headaches) are not diluted. Please email me at [email protected] and I can walk you through the dilution process if you’re interested. Or anyone else who’s reading this thread, I’m more than happy to help.

  13. If I apply In Tune on the bottom of his feet in the morning should I also apply it on his temples, spine, wrist? I also have a diffuser going at night when he’s going to sleep with a blend of Vertiver, Lavendar & Cedarwood. Do you think this is good enough? I just started burning it for 2 hours a night. Should I also turn it on in the morning before school? If so how long would you recommend?
    My 7 year old has a hard time focusing in school and easily distracted. He seems to rush through work and not put in an effort it’s as if he gets frustrated when he doesn’t understand something and just wants to give up and guess on his work. HELP!!!

    1. Start out small. This is a powerful oil. I would do just the bottom of the feet and then see how he reacts. I always reapply after school before homework time too.

  14. I’m sorry. Where is the recipes for essential oil blend to be used for focus and attention? I just discovered your blog and I’m very interested in this blend, but I don’t see the recipe.

  15. HI and thank you for the great post explaining the wonderful properties of this focus blend for children and adults. This is a blend sold through a doTERRA advocate so If you are looking to purchase the oil you can contact me at [email protected] and I can certainly help you.

  16. Hello,
    I was just reading your post above about this great blend that can help with focus and attention. I’m soooo interested in getting for for my son. is the InTune being talked about in here the same as the blend sold by do terra being referred to? Please help, I just want to get the right stuff. Thank you sooooo much for this info.

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