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Frugal Weight Loss – Renew for YOU

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Frugal Weight Loss – Renew for YOU. This is going to be a four-part series called “Renew for YOU”.   As you know Shelley and I lost a total of 65 pounds in 2010.

My personal goal for 2011 is to lose another 20!  I am going to share with you my journey and if you are interested in joining and supporting me, I would love it! My New Year’s Resolution is to exercise at least 3 times a week however I would love to exercise at least 5 days a week.

If you exercise 30 minutes each day (or a minimum of 120 minutes a week) you will really see weight loss and a healthier YOU.  This does not have to be at one time.  You can work out 3 times over the course of the day.  Just pick 10-minute increments of time and work out when it fits into your busy day.

It is important to do aerobic, weight bearing, strength balance and flexibility training. Something else that I just learned is that if you don’t have time for a full workout to do a 2 minute “sprint”. By doing so your body will go into fat burning mode because you were still able to get your heart rate up. I am really thinking of incorporating this on my days “off” from a full workout.

If you reach a point in your weight loss journey when you are not losing it may be time to shake up your workout.  I personally use Leslie Sansone’s walking videos and own 8 of her DVD’s.  One of my personal favorites is Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk.  If you choose to use DVD’s it is important for YOU to use a variety of DVD’s so that your body doesn’t get bored.

When I find that I am at a standstill with my weight loss then I move to a new DVD.  In 2011 I am excited to add two new DVDs to my collection.  A great idea is to swap with friends or check out DVDs for FREE from the library.

If you are looking for a frugal exercise routine, you should check into joining your local YMCA.  When I was looking for a gym/pool for our family I looked into joining and it was very reasonable.  They were actually waiving the registration fee, so it is worth checking into.  They also have military discounts and often times you can join as a family for less than what you would pay for a single membership at a gym.  What I liked is that they have childcare so that I could work out during the day.

Another idea is to look at your employer gyms or discounts if applicable.  My husband can join his work gym for around $200 a year and also gets the benefit of writing off gym expenses!  These are definitely something you should look into.

Next week we will be continuing the series Renew for YOU.  I am going to be posting about Nutrition and Healthy Weight Loss.

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional, and I am not providing medical advice. Always consult with a medical professional before you change your diet or implement a weight loss strategy.

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  1. These are great points – especially breaking working out into smaller chunks. Also, don’t forget about the good old-fashioned walk. Especially, this time of year our bodies can be deprived of vitamin D and getting some sunshine is the best way to replenish it.

    Great post. Looking forward to more.

    1. We live in cold winter weather but come spring I agree outdoors is nice. Personally I get a much better workout though from Leslie Sansone though. I love how she incorporates the arm movements and squats, there is no way I can do that walking around my neighborhood 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I just joined our local YMCA. We are a low income family because I am home with the kids and only my husband works, and I desperately need to get out of the house! I have put on a lot of weight and havnt been able to lose any baby weight being at home snacking all day. I was surprised to find out though, that the YMCA has a program for lower income families and a scale of dues so that you can pay based on what your income is, and they waived the start up fee. It means pretty much anyone can join the Y, even if you dont have much left in the budget to do so. Ours also offers free childcare in 2hr increments, so i cna go to the gym and get some me time on the treadmill. =)

    1. Thanks Ashley! This is great to know! If you ever need any encouragement please feel free to make comments here! I can use all the encouragement I can get for sure…

      Those 2 hours will be some great Mama time!

  3. I love Leslie Sansone! Also, there are free workout videos on Realage.com, including a Part 1/2 of Leslie Sansone if someone wants to try her out or get a quick workout from her during the day…

    I’ll have to look into the Y again — I used to belong, but stopped due to the cost… but circumstances have changed, and I know I can get a lower rate now with a lower income…

    1. I am going to have to check that site out! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

      I think the Y may have been dealing with the tough economy and so hopefully they have relaxed their rates…

  4. I have loss 70 lbs over the pass 3 yrs with 50 to go. I will be checking out all the info. I worked out today for an hour after I got off work. Hang in there it is a daily progress if you fall get up and start over.

  5. I recently looked into joining our local Y and was surprised at how expensive it is. Because it is me and my husband, we would need a family membership which is $93 a month!! Granted, they are waiving the initiation fee if you sign up during the month of January – but I still thought the monthly fee was expensive. Is anybody else’s Y charging that much?

    1. I don’t think that is too bad with registration fee or contract… When I checked it was $100 for a family…could they work with you on the price with a sliding scale fee?

      1. Hmm… I guess I just had unrealistic expectations of the Y being cheaper 🙂 My monthly LA Fitness membership is only $25 and, in my mind at least, I thought a Y membership would be less 🙂

  6. Walk, power walk. I have Leslie DVDs in my workout collection. I recently replaced my exercise ball and LOVE working out on it. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred is a great, short DVD to that’s only around $9.

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