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How to Prep for Your ACT Test

If your student is in high school, they will soon be facing the routine ACT testing that often helps them for entrance to college.  These tests are very important to most juniors and seniors in high school and can be a big factor in anxiety and fear in their lives.  While they are not the ultimate measure of their intelligence, they are a big factor in gaining scholarships toward paying for college education.  Check out these tips on how to prep for your ACT Test.

How to Prep for Your ACT Test and Increase Your Score

How to Prep for Your ACT Test:

As parents or parental figures in your child’s life, it is important for you to support your child as they prepare for this test and their plunge into adulthood.  Below are some basic tips and ways you can encourage and help them prep for their ACT.

Truly realize that testing is just one part of the college adventure. 

Taking the ACT can feel like it is the biggest part of your high school career.  It is one of the largest determining factors when you are filling out applications for colleges and requesting scholarships.  So, as you look at your scores or struggles educationally, you may feel like if you don’t do well on the ACT you will not be eligible for the college you want to attend.  This just isn’t true.

Yes, the ACT does gather information on what you know and how well you take a test.  It does not, however, truly measure how smart or capable you are.  We all understand and recall some things better than others.  In fact, many items on the ACT are items that we all struggle to recall.

Yes, you should study and take this test, but do not let yourself become so obsessed with your score that you feel like you are not a worthy individual. Your score is just a piece of the puzzle that colleges and scholarships look at before choosing you.

Invest in ACT preparation books and courses. 

One of the best ways to truly tackle preparing for the ACT is to actually invest in the booklets and courses that are set up just for this testing procedure. There are tons out there that are great, but we recommend going with the ones that are top rated.

PrepScholar ACT is a wonderful online course that helps you understand and get comfortable with the ACT format.  It’s a great investment to help you see ahead of time the places you need more help.  Use this as a tool to gauge your current understanding and create a plan for studying before your testing.

The Official ACT Prep Guide is the go-to book to buy.  This changes year to year, so make sure you get the most current version.  It’s a great tool to use for study and practice prior to the actual test.

Find an ACT specialist.  If you are looking for the best investment and can afford one on one or group prep sessions finding an ACT specialist is my top suggestion.  I have a very dear friend who I taught with for nine years before I “retired” from the profession who I would recommend.  She is known as The ACT Lady and has raised scores from a 14 to a 28 just to name one of her amazing success stories! She is located in Houston, TX but works with students remotely via the web. Visit her online at Jen Henson ACT Prep for more information.

Focus on subjects you already struggle to understand. 

If you already know a subject that is a struggle, focus there.  By studying and practicing ahead of time, you are less likely to have the same issues during the test.  By taking extra time to focus on those subjects, you will help retain more on the subjects and won’t be as stressed during that portion of the test.

Go into the test prepared physically and mentally.

Along with the tips above, focus on getting enough rest, and even a good breakfast before your test.  You don’t want to be distracted physically.  Additionally, you want a clear focused mind.  That means plenty of sleep, and avoiding any outside drama.  Remember your worth is not found by the number on a test!

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