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Tips for homework success

Tips for Homework Success

Tips for homework success. As you know this is a big year for us with a lot of change. My son started all day school as a first grader and so this is the first time that homework has been a part of our after-school routine.  With the big change I decided to embrace the idea of homework and really making sure that my son sees it as an important extension of school.

Tips for homework success

Our plan of attack is to come home from school. Have a 30-minute TV/Snack time and then start homework. It is important for us to create the homework routine on the first day. My son really loves routines so starting on day one is the key to our success.

If you have not created a homework station I encourage you to do so.  Another great idea is using this spelling homework idea to make homework fun!

Reading is very important too. We have that built into our nighttime routine and spend 30 minutes each night reading before bed. At 7:00 it is a 30 minute TV/Snack followed by bath/teeth brushing and then reading. By 8:30 it is lights out.

Another post that you may like is My Job Chart – a great tool for rewarding your kids!

Do you have any success tips for homework success? I would love to hear them!

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