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Sweet Dreams For The First Day of School – Magic Confetti

Magic Confetti - Sweet Dreams For The First Day of School

If you have a little one who is starting school then you may want to try “Magic Confetti”. It is a really cute poem with a few pieces of confetti that your child will place under their pillow. It worked like a charm at our house. Special thanks to Peyton’s teacher Mrs. Hughes for sending home this trick for us to use and for me to share with you. If you don’t have confetti just punch some colorful hole punches and add glitter. It may be a little messy but a memory that will last a lifetime.

Sweet Dreams for the first Day of School

The night before school is exciting and fun.
There are always so many things to be done.

Your clothes are ready, your backpack is too.
Your classroom is full of fun things you will do.

Lots of questions go through your mind.
All types of thoughts of every kind.

But sometimes we all get the jitters down deep.
And that makes it hard to fall fast asleep.

So I’ve made this magic confetti for you,
Full of promises for the whole year through.

On the night before your first day of school,
When you lay down your head, just sprinkle some

Magic confetti under your pillow in bed.
The confetti will help you sleep through the night

And wake up in the morning fresh and bright!
Sweet Dreams!

You can print a copy of the Sweet Dreams poem as well.

You may also be interested in Jitter Juice – to help with the first day of school “jitters”.

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