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How to Organize Your Makeup and Create a Makeup Station

How to Organize Your Makeup And Create a Makeup Station

How to Organize Your Makeup and Create a Makeup Station. Do you feel like you are drowning in makeup? If you tend to buy cosmetics often, it might start to feel like you are losing control. You don’t want this to happen, as you want to take full advantage of the cosmetics you own and be sure you are putting them to use. Knowing how to organize your makeup and how to create a makeup station is one of the best ways to keeping your cosmetics in one place and ready at your fingertips. If you need a little help on how to do this, take a look below for some helpful hints on how to organize your makeup and create a makeup station to suit your needs.

How to Organize Your Makeup Station

1. Begin by discarding all expired, old, or extremely broken makeup. This means items you have had over a year, don’t use anymore, shows signs of extreme wear, or broken beyond repair. These items make a mess of your other cosmetics and aren’t safe to use either.

2. Sort makeup into groups according to facial region. For example, your groups can be something like eyes, lips, cheeks, skin, applicators/brushes. All of your cosmetics should fit into one of these groups according to the manner in which it is used.

3. Line up each group from most used to less used. This means creating a row where the first item is the item you use most (like daily) and then work your way to the items you least, like monthly or just for special occasions.

Now that you have your makeup assembled according to how you use it and how often you use it, let’s get it organized into an organization station!

Here is how to organize your makeup station easily:

1. Choose a divided/compartmentalized container. This will help keep items separate and make sure everything has and stays in a place. Your local beauty store will have many options including tabletop options, drawer containers, and even to-go travel options. Remember that is better to start big and have extra space than grab something that is too small and to have to find something new in a few months.  I love that Younique collections come with free makeup organization bags which makes traveling with your lovely cosmetics all too easy.

2. Designate a compartment for each type of cosmetic, just like you did above. This means dividing into groups again like eyes, lips, cheeks, skin, and applicators and brushes. Start dividing these items into their correct placement. Since you know which ones you use most and which ones you use least, be sure you to stack accordingly. You want the ones you use most to be on top or in front where they are easiest to reach.

3. Give brushes and applicators some special attention. These are the items you will need daily, so give them their own holding area. This not only keeps them organized but will keep them clean and you don’t have to worry about other cosmetics getting onto them. Nothing is worse than using an applicator on your face only to realize that a dark eye shadow or even mascara has gotten on it!  I keep mine in a cute mug.

Some other items you can add to your makeup station can be grooming items such as tweezers, small scissors, sponges, tissues, makeup remover of course, and other items that might come in handy when using any of the products in it. The idea is for everything to be at your fingertips and available when you need it without fuss.

Use these simple tips to get your makeup organized and for how to create a makeup station so you can enjoy applying your makeup no matter how much or how little time you have.

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