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7 Tips to Better Sleep for Moms

Here are 7 Tips to Better Sleep for Moms. As parents, we tend to let our needs for sleep fall to the wayside. We have 1,000 things to do each day, and most are put off until our children go to bed at night.

7 Tips to better sleep for Moms - and oh how we need better sleep! #sleep

The problem is, nighttime is when we should be sleeping as well! Not only will most moms feel better when they get adequate sleep, it can also help them be healthier, focus better on tasks during the day, and be less grumpy when it comes to all the demands of parenting.  In fact if you are sleeping well you will also lose weight!  Now that is motivation right?

7 Tips to Better Sleep for Moms

1. Establish a bedtime routine. Yes, these rituals aren’t just for kids! What your routine includes will vary based on your needs and preferences. However, just like with your little ones, a well-followed routine before bed can help you fall asleep easier.

2. Shut off all electronics. It may be routine for you to check your email or Facebook just one more time before hitting the pillow, but doing so can keep you from going to sleep easily. Give your brain time to rest and wind down by turning off the TV, smart phone, laptop, and all other devices at least one hour before bed.

3. Enjoy a relaxing bath. Not much can calm your mind like a soothing bath! Push all of your worries out of your head while relaxing in a nice warm tub. Use essentials oils or candles to help you wind down. Lavender is an especially good scent that will help you unwind well enough to sleep.

4. Schedule the next day before going to bed. It’s very common for moms to get in bed and start thinking of all they need to do tomorrow. This may lead to last minute to-do lists being written or getting out of bed to gather things needed for the next day. All of this makes you less likely to get the sleep you need! Take 10 minutes before you crawl into your comfortable bed to write down commitments so you can avoid all the thinking and getting up.

5. Avoid eating or drinking too close to bed. Eating too soon before laying down can cause acid reflux – not something you want to deal with when trying to sleep. Too many beverages before sleep time can have you in the bathroom 1-2 times during the night, breaking your sleep patterns. Become mindful of your bedtime, and limit your food and drink intake 1-2 hours prior to bed.

6. White noise can help you stay asleep. It’s been proven to work great for kids, but moms can benefit from light sounds in the bedroom too. A white noise machine or fan can give you the low rumble you need to sleep like a baby.  I personally have used a white noise machine since 1995, I can’t sleep without it!  Now even Shelley loves it when we travel.

7. Make sure the room temperature is right. Most sleep experts recommend a room temperature of 67 to 69 degrees when it’s time for bed. For most, this will be cool enough to stay cozy under the covers without becoming overheated. If you don’t want to affect the entire home’s temperature, a ceiling or oscillating fan can do the trick!  What are your tips for better sleep?

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