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5 Ways To Avoid Overindulging During The Holidays

If you are dieting, these 5 Ways To Avoid Overindulging During The Holidays are going to really make things easier to manage. Holiday parties, cookie swaps and just family meals can all be tough to manage, but this year you can totally succeed with no worries when you follow these tips.

5 Ways To Avoid Overindulging During The Holidays

5 Ways To Avoid Overindulging During The Holidays

Use smaller plates.  Grab the dessert plate instead of the dinner plate and get small portions instead of filling your plate like you normally would.  Taking a half or even quarter portion of sevearl items you like can satisfy you without going overboard.  Try one meatball, or one mini quiche instead of the 3-4 you might normally have.  You are still indulging but a smaller plate helps limit your portion sizes and keeps you in line with your dietary needs.

Stop eating what the kids leave on their plates.  As parents, we are almost always bad about cleaning up the kids plates when they have leftovers.  This year, put their leftovers away for them to have later, or make sure they get smaller portions to begin so there is no waste.  Don’t fall into the guilt temptation that tells you that the food shouldn’t be wasted and you should eat it.

Eat before you go to an event.  For parties, cocktail events or social gatherings with friends that don’t involve a sit down meal, it may help to eat a regular meal before you arrive.  You won’t be hungry and tempted to indulge, and it leaves you room to try a simple dessert and sip water.  This can curb your appetite and prevent you from going overboard on appetizers and snacks without realizing it.

Skip the alcohol or sugary drinks. This is hard for those who love the wine list, the sugary punch or cocktails often served at parties.  Not only do these contain empty calories, but it has been proven that they can also increase your appetite and make it harder for you to resist the temptation to eat more than you should.

Find an accountability partner.  Find someone else attending the event to spend your time with so you won’t indulge.  That person can be the one who reminds you that you have already had a slice of pie, or can steer you away from the buffet and instead toward the music, dancing or conversation instead.

Surviving the holidays while on a diet can be tough, but it is totally manageable when you follow these ways to avoid overindulging during the holidays.  Go prepared and come out a winner with no regrets about what you ate during the latest cocktail party or holiday gathering!

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One Comment

  1. The holidays are definitely not diet-friendly! Here are some other tips that may help:
    1.) Ask someone to split stuff (ex. piece of cake, cookie, etc.) with you.
    2.) Chew each bite you take 30 times — this will help keep you from eating so fast and will give your body time to realize it is full.
    3.) Dump salt on your plate when you’re done eating. This will make any remaining food super salty and unappetizing… so you won’t want to keep picking at the food.

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