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How to organize your clothes in dressers

How to organize your clothes in dressers

How to organize your clothes in dressers. The amount of clothes that takes over my house is insane! I find them laying all throughout the house and feel the need to constantly be running the washing machine. While I’m great at washing the clothes, it’s folding them and putting them ALL.AWAY. that’s the difficult part! So, I’ve come up with a great way on How to Organize Clothes in Dressers. This method not only lets you see what outfits you have but allows for a lot more room in the drawers!

How to organize your clothes in dressers:

As you can see from the image above you are only able to see a few of the pieces of clothing. This happens to be the “jammie” drawer and while everything is folded, it’s still a disaster. So, let’s get to the task behind my madness…

The first step to your madness is to pull the clothing out of the drawers. Next, separate the clothing. For instance, group all the pjs together, stack jeans on top of one another, then long sleeve and short sleeve shirts until all the clothing is clearly divided.

Now, let’s put the clothing away! In the drawers of your choosing, place your clothing by the group into the drawers. But don’t stack the clothes on top of one another. Instead lay the clothing on it’s side so that you can see what’s available as soon as you open the drawer. See the image below.

 How to organize your clothes in dressers

Now you can clearly see all the jammies that are available and there’s still room in the drawers for the other jammies that are in the washer. For jeans and shirts I simply fold them in half and stick on their side in the drawer. It cuts down on my folding time, allows me to see what’s available as soon as I open up the drawer and is so neatly organized!

I went through our entire house and did this last weekend. My Mom came over and about fell on the ground when she helped one of the kiddos pull out their jammies after bath time!

What’s one area of your house that you’d like to organize this weekend?

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  1. I first as I put away laundry I sort shirts by color than as they are put in drawers I actually roll all t shirts and place them in drawer by color. Husband loves that when he only wants a white tshirt he can go right to it. I keep his nicer t shirts seperated also. With underwear and even my night gowns I roll them tightly and line them right up and it saves lots of space. looks even neater when I open the drawer. I roll from the top to bottom and place them in the drawer like little breadsticks. Hope this helps.

  2. I’m an organized addict. I must be OCD. I bought plastic shoe boxes with lids at a dollar store. I emptied my bedroom drawers and separated the clothing. One problem I found with pulling an item from a nicely folded stack, was the drawer wasn’t neatly stacked anymore if I wanted an article from the middle. I neatly fold pj sets in boxes. You would be surprised how many sets fit in a box. I seperate them by summer, winter, thermal tops, thermal bottoms, white socks, dark socks, bathing suits, etc. I label each box top. When it’s time to put the clothes away it’s extremely easy. The drawer will never again be disorganized, even by the kids. Try it, you will love it!

    Because I was the caregiver for my father, father-in-law, husband and sons, I had tons of white socks. When I collected the laundry, I had mesh zippered lingerie bags labeled with each name. I threw them all in the washing machine and then the dryer. It was easy to distinguish who’s socks went into their dressers saving a lot of time.

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