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How to make your own dryer sheets

How to make your own dryer sheets - Step by Step Directions

I am very excited to share with you a how to make your own dryer sheets, thanks to our reader, Cindi. She posted this frugal tip on our Facebook page, and I asked her if she would share a step by step “how to” for you and not only did she agree she include photos!

How to make your own dryer sheets:

We are so appreciative.  Cindi mentioned this tip has saved her family tons of money each year. We often can pick up liquid fabric softener for free with coupons while on sale.  This tip is a great way to stretch your couponing success. I hope you enjoy these DIY dryer sheets.

How to make your own dryer sheets

1. Start with some bright colored terry rags (or you can use sponges), so that it easy to spot in a load of clothes.  (However, you can use any color).  You can often pick these up at the Dollar Store or find them on sale at stores.

How to make your own dryer sheets

2. Pour fabric softener into a bucket or bowl. Soak the rag in the fabric softener for about 5 minutes.  A tip that Cindi suggests is to use an old ice cream bucket because the sides bend and make it easier to pour the fabric softener back into the bottle later.

How to make your own dryer sheets

3. Let the rags soak in the fabric softener for 5-10 minutes. Don’t worry if you forget while soaking because longer soaking won’t hurt anything.

How to make your own dryer sheets

3. Wring out the excess fabric softener back into the bucket after they have soaked.

How to make your own dryer sheets

4. Hang up the “dryer sheets” to dry or you can use it wet if you need it right away.  A great tip is to save pants hangers from the store and use those because they are the perfect length for the cloths.

How to make your own dryer sheets

5. Add to the dryer like you would a dryer sheet. Use them 4-5 times, then just repeat these steps again once you have used them.

How to make your own dryer sheets

6. Pour the remaining fabric softener back into the bottle to reuse the next time.  Once bottle will last for months by using this technique.  It is a great way to stretch your dollar and save big!

She says that this allows you to use the same bottle of fabric softener for months!  This is a great way to stretch your families household budget. Another great tip is to make your own homemade laundry detergent. Special thanks to our reader Cindi.   You are the best!  We appreciate you sharing this tip.  If you have a tip you would like to share please contact us.


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  1. This is great. I use dryer sheets to add a “good smell” to my clothes so this would be a great way to cut down on fabric softener and dryer sheets! Thanks

  2. This is such a good idea, to save money…and never have to worry when i go in the store and they have my scent of detergent but out of the dryer sheets of the same scent i want but has liquid in that kind. thanks

  3. many softeners (or detergents too) are oil based….does this leave any ‘moisture mark’ on the clothes after they dry?

  4. This same tip can be used with sponges. I used to cut a kitchen sponge into about 5 pieces and keep them in a jar of half strength fabric softener. (1/2 water, 1/2 fabric softener) To use it, just squeeze most of the liquid out, toss the sponge into the dryer with the load. When you unload the dryer, just place the sponge back in the jar to use again. Easy, saves money, and your clothes come out with less wrinkles and smelling great.

  5. You can also add vinegar to your laundry ( works best if you have the fabric softner dispenser in your machine), then there is no need to add anything else when you put it in the dryer.

  6. 5 stars
    They have fabric sheets and a lot of other cleaners that work just as good if not better then the name brand products, for a $1.00. I have found that the dish soap unless its a name brand, I personally don’t care for. I use the $1.00 store bleach bathroom cleaner (any one that has bleach) to clean the outside of my hard water stained windows. Spray on, let set for a few minutes, then take a metal scrubby and go over the window. You can feel, when you are doing this where you need to scrub more. When the window is clean the metal scrubby will flow smoothly over the window. if you hit a ruff spot you need to scrub that area a little more. When the window is smooth everywhere the window is clean, rinse and dry or rinse and spray with water and vinegar mixture, (1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water) then dry. I then use a spray bottle with vinegar and water to cover the window then use newspaper to dry the window. Keep using newspaper, (paper towels or rags) until the window is completely dry. Now my window is not only clean but streak free. This saves me lots of scrubbing and windows turn out beautiful.

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