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How To Make Adult Friends

How To Make Adult Friends? Friendship isn’t easy at any age but I find that making friends and keeping them as adults is even harder. Right now I am teaching an adult Bible Study about friendship. This has been a journey for me to walk through as I am sharing some of my personal experiences. One of the takeaways from this study is that you must have forgiveness if you will have lasting friendship.

How To Make Adult Friends

How To Make Adult Friends:

Forgiveness: Often times friendship gets messy. Feelings are hurt and mistakes are made. However, if you are going to have a deep and meaningful friendship you are going to have to forgive.

Being There: You have to show up for your friends. When they are in need this is the time you must be there. Even if you can’t be there in person staying in contact via the phone, sending cards, texts. Just being present during the hard is important.

Opening Your Heart: If you want to move from acquaintance and into a deeper friendship then you will need to open your heart. Becoming “heart friends” isn’t easy because you have to be vulnerable with each other but it is important if you want to cross over and into a deeper friendship.

Put Yourself Out There: You are not going to make friends at home. If you are new to an area or just want to find friends you are going to need to go to where people are. Join a local club or organization, attend a Bible Study or find like minded people to socialize with.

Go First: Invite people you meet to go to lunch with you or meet for coffee. They may not say yes immediately but keep asking. Just going to public events is not creating friendship. That occurs when you put yourself out there and really get to know each other on a deeper level.

How To Make Adult Friends

Letting Go and Redemption: I have learned that sometimes in life you have to let go of friendships that are not healthy for you. That can often be hard but so freeing. Some friendships are meant to last for a season and some are for a reason. If you find a friendship that lasts for a lifetime that is one that doesn’t always come easy. I have a few of those and we have seen highs and lows in our friendship. However through God’s grace we are still connected at heart.

How To Make Adult Friends

I am blessed with a friendship with Shelley that is like a sisterhood. We have walked through the good, the bad and the ugly and even though we no longer live close to each other when we are together it never feels like a day has passed. She is a sister friend and for that I am so grateful.

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