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How to Have an Expensive Christmas for Cheap

How to Have an Expensive Christmas for Cheap

This year use these tools and learn How To Have An Expensive Christmas For Cheap. When we were children, the holidays meant time with family, tons of cookies and candy and of course presents under the tree.

Little did we know how much of what we received came from the sacrifices of our parents and family.  Not only can you give your kids, friends and family great gifts, but you can save your pocket book and your sanity in the process.


REDEEM REWARDS POINTS:  With literally dozens of programs online for earning rewards, the opportunities are endless.  A few of our favorite programs include earning points to redeem for money or product via Swagbucks, referring friends to sites like Zulily, ThredUp or Groupon and earning credit toward future purchases or the best is using the cash back or reward points from credit card purchases.  Capital One, CitiBank, Chase, Discover and American Express all offer various rewards & cash back programs.  Use your cards only for items you can pay back at the end of the month and accrue points throughout the year.  I even got the Death Star for FREE using Swagbucks.

ENTER GIVEAWAYS:  While it is a long shot, seasoned “sweepers” will tell you that being consistent in entering giveaways gives you a great chance of winning.  While there are tons of great blogs offering regular giveaways of items for the whole family, there are also great giveaways from companies themselves.  Follow some of your favorite bloggers for a chance to enter their giveaways or start searching online for specific product giveaways of interest.

SHOP CLEARANCE YEAR ROUND:  This is especially handy for stocking stuffers or those last minute guests you need a gift for.  Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and even your local grocery store regularly clearance everything from holiday apparel to the latest toys.  Pick up quality brand new products for half the cost on clearance racks.

BUY REFURBISHED ELECTRONICS:  Many companies offer amazing deals up to 70% off original price on their brand refurbished electronics.  For a nominal fee you can even have an extended warranty on a refurbished product that will still make it a huge savings over brand new.  Laptops, eReaders, Gaming Systems and more are great products to shop for refurbished.  We love checking Groupon, Amazon & 1 Sale for hot deals year round.

BECOME A REVIEW BLOGGER:  This one may be the hardest one to accomplish, but is a ton of fun.  Creating a blog won’t automatically give you opportunities to review products for brands.  To get the fun opportunities you desire, you have to put in countless hours of work to build a site, your social media following and email subscription.  This can easily be a long term investment that will be a great reward for you in the long term.  Just make sure that you understand the basics of blogging and realize the time you will have to put into it to make your site one brands will want to have a review on.

With anything in life you want for cheap or free, there is going to be some work involved.  How to have an expensive Christmas for cheap doesn’t come easily.  This will take planning and dedication on your part, but if providing your family with all the latest products, toys and treats is important to you it will be worth every minute.  Plan in advance.  Make thorough lists.  Stick to your goals.  Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive this year.  Instead, save the money and take your family on a great Spring Break vacation next year!  Be sure to check out full post – Stockpiling For the Holidays.

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