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5 Gifts That are Cheaper Before Black Friday

Here are 5 Gifts That are Cheaper Before Black Friday. If you are frugal at all, you have likely stalked the sales papers the month before Christmas for the best Black Friday sales.

5 Gifts That Are Cheaper Before Black Friday

While there are tons of items that are great deals in this pre-holiday events, here are 5 Gifts That Are Cheaper Before Black Friday. Not only should you start shopping now, but you will ultimately get the best deal if you skip these deals on Black Friday and grab them at other times of the year.


QUALITY ELECTRONICS: Sure you can grab tablets, laptops or even TV’s at amazingly low prices around the holidays, but let’s be honest – you get what you pay for. Typically the electronics deals are for lower end brands that won’t be the best value for your money. A $49 tablet is a great deal if you are on a budget, but if you also have to add in the cost of chargers, cases and extended memory (as many of these come with very low storage space) it isn’t worth it. Watch for sales on older versions as a new one is released. Also check for deals during graduation season & back to school. Both times will have lower costs for gifting to students.

BEDDING & LINENS: There are often great deals at Black Friday, but the ultimate savings on these items will be in January or during back to school sales. January is a traditionally great time to stock up on these items so sales are almost always much better than the Black Friday deals. Back to school you will find tons of décor, linens and household goods on sale for better prices due to the new college student in a dorm room needs.

HOLIDAY APPAREL: If you or your kids like wearing holiday themed apparel, the best time to buy is actually the post holiday deals. Every year hit the half price racks for fun t-shirts, socks, sweaters and more at 50%-75% off. Seasonal apparel will be great from year to year so no worries about it being “last years styles”.

POPULAR TOYS: This may leave you scoffing, but time and again the hottest toys of the year are sold out on Black Friday. This results in you scrambling online for deals on sites like eBay. After paying the higher price and fast shipping you can easily spend up to twice what it would have cost only 2-3 weeks before the sale. In fact, buying toys year round on sites like Amazon, Zulily or Kohl’s when they have special sale events, coupons and doorbusters will give you the best prices available. Skip the holiday toy sales and shop ahead of time.

DVD’S & BLU-RAYS: With the popularity of movie clubs, discount bins and even those kiosks everywhere the cost of DVD and Blu-Ray’s have gone down considerably. The latest release movies may have some awesome prices near the holidays, but checking out sites like Amazon, Warner Brothers Shop Online and various video clubs will often give you better prices on older films as well as pre release orders. Don’t miss out on stacking coupons and sales at stores like Target, Best Buy and even Walmart for even better prices year round.

While you can definitely find some phenomenal deals on Black Friday, that doesn’t mean you can’t get better deals on some things at other times of the year. By watching year round for the items you have interest in, utilizing rewards clubs, coupons and special discounts you can get these 5 Gifts That Are Cheaper Before Black Friday. Take the stress out of the holidays by planning ahead and shopping for the best deals year round.

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  1. I do some of my shopping through the year, however, I didn’t know about some of these being cheaper before the Black Friday deals.

  2. Love the best deals …..I try looking for deals all year @ and put things away in totes. Also try to write them down so I remember.

  3. You are right on with this post. I got my Nexus 7 tablet at a great deal the week before Thanksgiving last year.

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