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Gamers Basket Gift Idea

If you are looking for a gift idea for a teen check out this Gamers Basket Gift Idea. Hands down the most popular gift that I gave Peyton this year was a gamers basket. Peyton loves all things gaming as most teens do. I decided to think outside of the box this year for his Christmas gifts and came up with a gift that he really loved! That is hard to do when you are shopping for a teenager. So I thought I would share this gift idea with you!

Gamers Basket Gift Idea

Gamers Basket Gift Idea:

For the gamers basket I decided to fill it with his favorite drinks and snacks. Right now he LOVES Fanta. I mean loves it! I found Mexcian Fanta at Kroger and decided to get that for his gamers basket. I also used a variety of his favorite snacks and candy. Finally no gift basket is complete without a STEAM gift card (or other gaming gift card). I added a gaming t-shirt and pair of socks too that I found on Amazon!

Gamers Basket Gift Idea

When he opened this gift he really loved it. He told me that he appreciated all of the goodies and that I created this gift for him filled with all of his favorites. You could tell that since I took the time to make it that it meant a lot to him. Just like with homemade gifts and cards that I enjoy receiving he seemed to like that too.


  • Basket or container to fill
  • Snacks
  • Candy
  • Drinks
  • Gaming Gift Card
  • Gaming Shirt
  • Gaming Socks
  • Cellophane to wrap it with. I used colored tissue paper so he could snoop and see what was inside before Christmas Day

So if you are looking for a gift idea that is teen approved this is it! My son loved his Gamers Basket Gift and I think each year this will be become a tradition based on what he is into (most likely still gaming). I really enjoyed putting this together for him and it makes me happy to know it is teen approved! There is nothing more than I enjoy to see him smile on Christmas morning (and the hugs that come after opening a gift too).

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