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How To Host Holiday Parties With Ease

Hosting friends and family during the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. Having this new home makes it even easier than ever before to Host Holiday Parties with Ease. I am sharing some of my favorite tips for keeping things streamlined and easy to manage while still showing off your home and great hospitality.

How to Host Holiday Parties with Ease

Preparing for a holiday party is so much fun! We always grab decorations, our favorite foods, and welcome our doors to anyone who wants to join our party. Use our tips and make your next holiday party the best one you’ve ever hosted.

Choose a party theme

One of the best suggestions for how to host holiday parties easily is to choose a theme. In recent years the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme has been super popular. We’ve hosted our own Grinch Themed Christmas Party in the past. You could also host a Christmas Sock Exchange Party. No matter what theme you choose, you will love how fun it is to find party supplies, decorations, and even costumes for a themed party.

Get the family involved with preparations

If the stress of preparing food and cleaning gets you down, then ask for help! Wrangle the kids together to help with cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, picking up clutter, and putting things together before your party. Everyone should chip in time and effort to make sure the party is easy to manage for you.

Make it a potluck party

Nothing is better than having a potluck party! Provide a few of the main dishes and ask everyone else to show up with a side dish or dessert. You can also make it an appetizer party for finger foods that everyone enjoys. Our favorite are these Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls. They are so easy to make and delicious!

Bring out the board games

One of my favorite memories of past holiday parties is to bring out the board games and challenge my friends and family to a round of Uno, Monopoly, or whatever game your family prefers. You can divide up the guests into groups so everyone can play and have fun with a game they prefer. You can even set up a station near the TV or game room for the kids to watch movies or play their own games.

These tips are sure to make your next holiday party a huge success. You don’t have to struggle to keep things together this year. Just have fun with your family!

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