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How to Follow a Keto Weight Watchers Plan

For many, the idea of following a Keto Weight Watchers Plan is a must.  Weight Watchers, has for years, been a wonderful way to learn about portion control.  Keto, in recent years, has gained popularity for being an easier method of eating higher fat options without gaining weight.  It may seem to be unusual, but it is not impossible to combine the two to create a healthier lifestyle.

How to do KETO on weight watchers.

How to Follow a Keto Weight Watchers Plan

When you hear the term Keto, you may automatically think of things that are rich and fattening.  Lots of oils, butter, and bacon come to mind.  However, this doesn’t have to be the only way to get into ketosis.  Avoiding high carbohydrate foods, including extra protein, and healthy fats can all be a huge part of eating keto while staying within your Weight Watchers points system.

Weight Watchers focuses on caloric portion control. 

When you start Weight Watchers, you’ll find that the focus is on a points system.  Points are assigned to foods to help you make healthier choices.  While this may be tough to manage on keto while doing Weight Watchers, it is not impossible. Learning how to portion control is also part of ketosis.  While most plans call this using your macros, you can also focus on how you are limited calories.

To lose weight, no matter what foods you put into your system, you need to focus on lower caloric intake than your body needs to burn. We’ve written about this before in our post that tells you what BMR is on a diet.  You can utilize Weight Watchers to help you learn portion control to stay within a healthy amount of calories for your body to lose weight.  Instead of having to learn how to measure macros by looking at fat and protein grams, you can utilize the portion control aspects of Weight Watchers instead.

Choose healthier fats. 

If you want to make Keto work while following a Weight Watchers plan, you need to choose healthier fats.  This means, instead of loading up on unlimited butter or cheese, you add in things like olives, coconut oil, avocado, and leaner cheese options.  They will still provide you with the fats your body needs, but you can limit them and not be penalized on the Weight Watchers plan.

On a daily basis, you can do something like cooking foods in olive or coconut oil in small amounts.  You may also add avocado or olives to salads or toast.  A smaller portion of full-fat cheese in a meal can also add some fats without going off your points plan.

Make lean protein choices. 

The protein needed in a ketogenic diet doesn’t have to be higher in fat to work.  Choose lean protein like turkey, chicken, leaner pork or beef.  Including protein in the form of shrimp, chicken, turkey, and pork is an easy way to add to your Weight Watchers plan without going over points.  It also helps you maintain ketosis.

Choose the right vegetables and fruits. 

Vegetables are easier to choose than you think.  Simply add a hearty salad once a day or a side of cauliflower or broccoli with your meals. There are other great vegetable options that work, but these tend to be the lowest in carbohydrates while still fueling your body.  A bonus is that broccoli is high in protein.  Fruit can be tough since it is often higher in sugars and carbohydrates.  I recommend sticking to berries and limiting other carbohydrate rich fruits.

Don’t worry about being as strict as some recommend.  

When trying to follow both plans, it may be more important for you to focus on simply lowering overall carb intake.  Skip the processed bread, snacks, etc. and focus on the lean meats and vegetables instead.  Many find great success following a Keto and Weight Watchers plan that is simply less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day instead of the much more restrictive 20 grams per day.

You can combine both of these plans, but it will take more work.  Focus on making wise choices, and the pounds will begin dropping. How to Follow a Keto Weight Watchers Plan will help you in your journey.

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  1. 5 stars
    I am a lifetime WW member (3+ years) and found staying at goal near impossible–until I combined Keto & WW. My basic rules–no added sugars (I do use stevia a bit) and no grains. It works beautifully for me. I also have no need to watch my fat intake. My thoughts though on fat–for someone not yet at goal watch the fats in order to encourage the body to burn it’s own fat stores. Great post!

  2. Is this site free? I haven’t joined ww again yet, but I have done keto for about 4 years. Just Google how tho combine and found this site.

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