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How to design a She Space

I am sharing with you today How to Design a She Space. I have been dreaming of a she space for myself for years and I finally have created one!

How to Design a She Space

This is my war room. I am so happy that I finally have a space to call my own where I can spend time with God every morning, lead Bible study and go to war in prayer.

How to Design a She Space

If you aren’t familiar with a war room it is a space where you can time in prayer, read the Bible, complete Bible Study. This is a space where I go when I need to armor up and head into spiritual battle.

How to Design a She Space

My word for 2021 is Purpose and this is a space where I can fully dive into the word and seek God’s purpose for me. If you are considering creating a she space for yourself and don’t have a spare bedroom there are other ideas for locations. You could turn a closet into a she space or under a set of stairs. You don’t need a shed to carve out a space for yourself. Even the corner of a room will work.

How to Design a She Space

My she space is dedicated for Bible Study and work. I needed a desk so that I could sit comfortably to blog and then also to lead Bible Study from.

How to Design a She Space

I wanted a petite sofa that I could sit and enjoy my time with the Lord. I found the perfect one from Wayfair. The ottoman has storage and that houses my yoga equipment. Also, this is inviting so that my teen son wants to come and hang out.

How to Design a She Space

My sweet hubby helped by hanging the crown molding for me and changing out the ceiling fan to this Kira Home Gemma Modern Chic Crystal Flush Mount ChandelierI ordered it from Amazon.

How to Design a She Space

My Grandpa Charlie made this shelf for me before he passed and I have hung it in every house I have lived in. I cherish it.

How to Design a She Space

One of my favorite signs is this Pray Big sign that my friend Denise made for me. I love the Rustic Farmhouse vibe. She and I have been friends longer than I count. Seriously over 35 years! Check out her Etsy store where you can purchase one as well as her other designs pictured below.

How to Design a She Space

As this is a multi-purpose space I also included storage for my yoga mats and other favorite items on a Casual Home Shelf Bookcase that I ordered from Amazon.

I hope this helps you figure out How to Design a She Space for yourself.

Check out the prayerful planner too! It is my favorite.

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