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BORED Printable

 BORED Printable and 70 Kid Friendly Summer Activities

Check out this BORED Printable and 70 Kid Friendly Summer Activities. Summer Break is here!  It is time to have fun with the kids while they are off of school.  At our house we don’t allow the word BORED to be used!  In fact, growing up if you said, I’m Bored to my dad, he would reply “Boredom is a state of mind”.  Well, there really wasn’t much of a reply to that.  I guess that is what he was going for.

We have 60+ Summer Boredom Busters to help fill your days with ideas of activities to do with your kids this summer. In addition, we have decided to list 1 item for each day of the summer for you too!  We hope it helps keep the kids happy, which will keep you happy too!

BORED Printable:

Print ——>Stockpiling Moms Bored Printable

70 Kid Friendly Summer Activities:

June 9 – Make Blueberry & Raspberry Popsicles

June 10 – Die Dye T-Shirts with Sugar

June 11 – DIY Cloud Dough

June 12 – Exploding Colors – A Rainbow of Fun Science Experiment

June 13 – Make Father’s Day Cards or this Inexpensive Gift

June 14 – Make Father’s Day Rice Krispies Treats for Dad

June 15 – Spend the Day with Dad or Grandpa – 10 Father’s Day Recipes

June 16 – Make DIY Sponge Bombs and play outside with sprinkler

June 17 – Visit the Zoo (or a Park)

June 18 – Play DIY Lawn Twister

June 19 – Go on a hike and enjoy nature

June 20 – Go Big Foot Hunting and Camping

June 21 – Make Homemade Fruit Popsicles

June 22 – Make Homemade Playdoh

June 23 – Make a New Sew Travel Pillow Case

June 24 – Plant Pumpkins

June 25 – Pepper Experiment – A Fun Science Experiment

June 26 – Lobster Kid Craft

June 27 – Make a Tin Can Wind Chime

June 28 – Go Fishing

June 29 – Water Fun in your Backyard

June 30 – Make Popsicle Stick Flags

July 1 – Make Patriotic Tin Cans

July 2 – Make Sparkler Kabobs

July 3 – Fireworks Fruit Pizza

July 4 – Go to a local parade and watch fireworks – Make this Sparkler Shield and do sparklers (with adult supervision)

July 5 – Have a water balloon fight and enjoy Patriotic Ice-Cream Sandwiches 

July 6 – Handprint Terra Cotta Planter and Plant Flowers inside

July 7 – Make DIY Bookmarks and visit the local Library

July 8 – Make recycled crayons

July 9 – Make your own slime 

July 10 – Make toilet roll noisemakers

July 11 – Make DIY Camping Tablecloth Holders

July 12 – Go on a Picnic with the family

July 13 – Make DIY Travel Art Centers for the Kids

July 14 – Christmas in July Week – Candy Cane Ornament

July 15 – Christmas in July WeekCinnamon Ornaments

July 16 – Christmas in July WeekCute as a Button Ornament

July 17 – Christmas in July WeekReindeer Popsicle Ornament

July 18 – Christmas in July WeekDonut Snowman for Breakfast and Frozen Jingle Drinks

July 19 – Christmas in July WeekGrinch Stole Christmas Party

July 20 – Christmas in July WeekMake Reindeer Cupcakes

July 21 – DIY Canvas Picture Holder

July 22 – DIY Clothespin Clips

July 23 – DIY Horse Pool Noodles 

July 24 – Create a DIY Lemonade Stand

July 25 – Create Kids Summer Fun Buckets

July 26 – Night Sky Mapping

July 27 – Smores by a fire pit, on a grill or in the oven

July 28 – Washi Tape Pill Bottle Upcycle 

July 29 – Upcycled Painted Vase

July 30 – Dress up Day 

July 31 – Eggo Wafflers Ice-cream Sandwich  

August 1 – DIY Button Ring

August 2 – Make Homemade Peanut Butter 

August 3 – PJ and Movie Day – Popcorn, Pizza and Fun!

August 4 – Make your own Slushy Magic

August 5 – Outdoor Play – Frisbee Fun, Soccer, Obstacle Course, Croquet, Hula Hoops

August 6 – Visit King’s Island, Newport Aquarium or the Park

August 7 – Make Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn and watch a Movie

August 8 – Make Ants on a Log and have a picnic (either outdoor or indoor)

August 9 – Play with Sidewalk Chalk

August 10 – Host a Bicycle Parade – kids decorate their bikes and ride together

August 11 – Sensory Spelling Practice with Shaving Creme

August 12 – Timeline Project 

August 13 – Create a Science Fair Project

August 14 – Board Game Day

August 15 – Dance Party

August 16 – Paint Pottery at your local pottery store

August 17 – Create a collage with old magazines

August 18 – Bottle Cap Stamping 

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  1. Now there is no excuse to be bored during the summer. What a wonderful list with a great variety of activities for both rainy and sunny days. Thank you!

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