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Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70 Year Old

Are you looking for a Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70-Year-Old? My sweet Mom just recently turned 70 and I decided to create a celebration and shower her with gifts even though we couldn’t have a big party.

Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70 Year Old

I love giving and receiving thoughtful gifts. So, when it came time to plan the gift for my mom, I decided to give it a lot of thought. I was searching on Etsy when I came across a gift idea that I fell in love with.

Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70-Year-Old

When I discovered this 70 Things We Love About You Poster I knew it was exactly what I wanted to gift her.  I turned this into a joint gift with my brother, my daughter and son. It turned out to be absolutely perfect and she loved it!

I text all of the crew and asked them to send me a specific number of things that they love about my mom. We also included favorite memories. After I received them, I sent them to the Etsy shop owner. We decided to keep them organized the four of us so she would know who wrote them. It was funny how all four of us had some of the same memories or things we loved about her, but all worded slightly different.

Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70 Year Old

I was really pleased with how the final poster turned out. I printed it at Walgreen’s and then purchased a frame at Michael’s. It was so convenient. If you are looking for the perfect birthday present idea for a 70-year-old this, is it!

My Mom absolutely loved it and hung it above her desk so she can read it every day. That made me happy that gets to see our words daily. If you haven’t taken the time to reflect on all the things you love about your parents, spouse or child this is a great way to share that with them.

Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70 Year Old

I hope you enjoy this Birthday Present Gift Idea for a 70-Year-Old. My Mom sure did! Isn’t my sweet Mom beautiful? I am sure blessed with her as a mom.

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