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How to create an encouragement wall

I wanted to share with you How to Create an Encouragement Wall. I shared with you that I recently created a she space. This wall is one of my favorite spots.

How to Create an Encouragement Wall

Encouragement Wall:

It is actually on the back of my office door. I have placed my word of the year collage, encouraging notes and scriptures too. I received these notes and cards during the pandemic and they brought me so much encouragement during quarantine. If you don’t select a word of the year I highly encourage you to. You can take this quick free quiz to select your word. My word for 2021 is PURPOSE.

When I designed my Word of the Year Collage I simply sat down with a huge stack of magazines and started flipping through the pages. I cute out letters, images and sayings that spoke to me. It was a really relaxing experience. After I cut them out I put that aside for the day.

The next day I sat down and designed my collage. I used a piece of scrapbook paper to make my collage. I used that as the centerpiece of my encouragement wall and then added the cards and notes all around it. It will be easy to continue adding to my wall. Be sure to use painters tape so it doesn’t damage your door or wall.

I hope this how to create an encouragement wall article helps bring you gratitude encouragement and joy.

Check out the prayerful planner too! It is my favorite.

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