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Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud

Our family has stayed home all through the Pandemic but really needed to get out!  We went camping and it was supposed to rain all day so we decided to check out the Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud.  First, we checked in to their social distancing and mask wearing plan and decided to go.  They seated almost all the tables at least 8-10 feet away from each other and everyone wore a mask. I am wondering if this is our future.

Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud

The Hatfields and McCoys have one of the longest running feuds in history and they decided to bring it to Pigeon Forge! I have always been intrigued by their feud, especially since I am from Kentucky.  This dinner show put a fun and entertaining spin on a feud that wasn’t so entertaining in real life. Who would have thought all of this would start over a pig and lead to a multi-generational feud! But can they come together? Just go to the show and find out over some amazing food, dancing, singing, and banjo playing! Who’s side are you on?

Southern Style Meal

Every Southerner loves a great comfort meal!  I hear some of you Northerners do too. Kick back in this awesome arena and take part in some of the best food you have had in a while. This southern feast includes dishes such as fried chicken, country pulled pork barbecue, ‘smashed taters‘, creamy coleslaw, buttery corn on the cob, Ma’s hot homemade bread, creamy vegetable soup, and a Granny’s Famous Special Dessert. (Hint:  If you love the soup like we do pick some up in the gift shop!) The greatest thing is it is all you can eat!!  Yes, you heard me right!  ALL YOU CAN EAT, so order up some extra chicken or maybe some more banana pudding! 

Alcohol is available to purchase by guests over 21 and there are special dietary menus you can ask for.  While you enjoy the show and  service don’t forget to tip! These servers run their back sides off! 

Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud

Ticket and Show Information

We purchased our tickets on the website Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud. It was very convenient and easy. They will give you a show schedule to select from and you will be on your way.  If you know you are scheduled to be in town and want to go to the show, book fast!  We had to book the afternoon show because it was booked the whole 3 days we were in town.  If you are visiting with a group, check their group rates!

Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud

Our Thoughts

We sang, we laughed, and we loved the entertainers.  The mayor was our favorite because he got to laughing at his self and it make the show that much better.  You will not believe how talented these people are! Four of us adults went to the show and we walked out feeling cheerful and talking about the fun we had!  This show is perfect for kids! Next time you are in town make sure you check it out!

Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Feud

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Disclosure:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  We paid our own admission for the dinner and show.

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